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Excavation Tree Work Yard Cleanup Project is done {before and after}

Last month I shared that we were removing a bunch of trees and brush in an effort to clean up the yard and pool area. It's been done for weeks and haven't had two seconds to write the post. I finally sat down and hid in my office, gathered all the pictures and got them uploaded to the blog. We ended up exposing about a 800 feet of a stone wall that is really spectacular. The stone walls are so pretty in New England. The pool area now gets a significant amount of sun light as many of the large oak and pine trees were fairly close to the pool before, blocking the sun. The trees and brush yard clean up project started in April mainly because we needed to remove a few dead trees that were close to the pool along with winter storm damage created by Mother Nature this past winter.

You can see the before pictures with the tree removal guys exposing-new-england-stone-walls-our-massive-yard-landscaping-project post

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This is the far left side of the house and as you can seepillow case baby, it was full of leaves and brush.

After the excavator dug up all the brush ect.

I do not have many pictures of the back view as it was very thick brush and a ton of trees. Here is how it looked after the trees were removed, the stump guy came and before the excavator started.

You an see the amazing stone wall that continues for hundreds of feet. It's a really pretty wall.

Before near the pool:


Here is the front view of the barn before.

UPDATED: See our Post and Beam Barn Renovation project


The view up the side of the driveway from the barn before:

During clean up:

After 3 full weekends of cleaning up the debris and mess ourselves, we decided to hire a landscape company to finish with an excavator.


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I know, that's a lot of dirt and ugly pictures. Stay tuned, I will be sharing the green grass pictures soon! We had a ton of top soil brought in and ended up hydro seeding the entire thing, about an acre, and the grass started popping through 2 weeks ago! Having an excavator for this type of work is really important. I think we would still be raking if we didn't cave, and hire someone to come in and finish.

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