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Exposing New England Stone Walls Our massive yard landscaping project

Just popping in really quick to give you how we are exposing New England Stone Walls and our massive yard landscaping project that may kill me.? You know that saying, 'once you start one project, it leads to another?' Well that is what's happening in our? yard. I don't know if you saw our Facebook and Instagram stories early last week but we had a tree crew here for a couple days cutting down dead trees and removing a ton of brush. We wanted to open up the back of the yard a bit too so the kids had room to play and our dog would also have room to roam. The brush was so thick that it was impossible to get around in the woods and my dog was literally getting poked in the eye from the brush.

Here is the view that leads down to our barn.

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Today I an going to share our yard before all the brush and dead trees were removed. Later this week I will share the process of the tree crew cutting the trees and removing the brush.

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This area below starts on the far side of our house and wraps around to the pool.

If you look closely below pillow case baby, you can see our house through the trees and brush. The goal is to clean this up, leave the pretty alive trees and remove the dead trees and remove the brush. I think it's going to look really pretty once it's clean and you can see the house through the trees.

The pool was also a major factor as having a pool where leaves drop excessive amounts of leaves into it is maintenance nightmare. We had that problem at our old house (a huge tree that constantly dumped leaves in the pool) and I refuse to go through that again. -ha. I mean, who has time to clean the pool for 2 hours every day before you actually want to relax in it? Not me!

Do you see those two Frankenstein looking trees? Well they are dead and lean over the pool. Can you imagine of those suckers came down on the house? Not to mention they are the creepiest looking trees ever. -ha. They are out of here'..

Updated: See the Full Excavation Makeover Reveal of the trees and brush removed. Click the highlighted excavation link to view after pictures.

What is our plan? Originally we intended remove the dead trees and brush, clean up a bit and leave it natural. There is something to say about gorgeous trees and natural landscape underneath. However, we have decided to landscape the entire area and now hydro-seed and plant grass. We figured if we don't have it leveled out and bring in topsoil (prior to hydro-seeding) we will eventually be dealing with weeds and more brush growth.

So I think I just added another 2 hours onto the mowing time of our yard. -ha. It's a good thing my son will be twelve soon as he can't wait to mow the lawn. We will see how long that lasts! -ha.

Stay tuned, we have been also cleaning out the flower beds (check out our Instagram Stories from yesterday). I gave a quick yard tour and asked questions about what some of the trees and shrubs were in our yard. I am not sure how to care for them so I appreciate your feedback!

Do you have any painting projects planned for this weekend? I, for the first time in many weeks…do not! :-) ?But, I did paint the walls in my studioffice yesterday. Painting it seems is just a part of my life. I have painted quite a bit and know a lot of painting tips and tricks. I thought I would share a few of my “not-so-ordinary” painting tips with you today.

The world has gone cat crazy, and I have to admit, I freaking love it. I have been a cat person for as long as I can remember (don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but I prefer the stealthy arrogance of cats), so the internet cat boom has served me well. Since I’m obsessed with my adorable little purring machine, of course I don’t mind spending money on keeping her happy and healthy, but all the expenses do add up. So for all of you who, like me, enjoy getting their hands dirty and saving some money at the same time, enjoy this collection of awesome DIY cat projects.


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