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How to Hang a Wreath with Ribbon

Only one more day until Thanksgiving – then in a few short weeks it is going to be Christmas. It is sneaking up way too fast.?? To help you get ready, I have the quick wreath hanging trick to share with you.

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This wreath arrived on my door step last week. It smells divine!? It is one of many that the Wreath Depot sells.? It is called the Bridgeport Boxwood Holiday Wreath.?? I like that it has a mix of greens – dark and light.

It came with a metallic silver bow on it, but you know me – I like to add my own style to things. I removed it and simply hung the wreath with a length of green velvet ribbon.

To hang a wreath without having to drive a nail into the front of the doorpillow case baby, I used a thumbtack and ribbon.? I simply looped a long length of ribbon around the top section of the wreath and brought the ends together.?? Once I like the placement on the door, I held the ribbon over the top of the door and pressed a thumbtack into the top edge of the door.? I then flipped the excess ribbon over the thumbtack to fall in front of the wreath.

Tip:? When using fresh greenery, keep a spray bottle of water handy so you can mist daily. This will help keep them looking fresh longer.

Father’s Day is in just a few weeks. Your group text chain with your mother and siblings has descended into chaos. Good ideas have run dry. Pops has plenty of ties, all the garden tools he could ever need and enough collared shirts to stock a second-hand menswear store for three years. You’re stumped.

Wilt-free and worry-free! Say hello to the wedding decor trend that's especially perfect for future brides who don't necessarily want to play by the rules—DIY paper flowers. Faux florals may instigate tacky visions of your local craft store that don't exactly scream wedding-worthy, but we're here to make an appealing case for the paper flower route. Exhibit A: there's no watering involved, no fear of knocking over/ruining an arrangement, they're easily customizable, and plenty of paper options look just as pretty as the real deal at a fraction of the cost. Dare we go on?

When it’s Christmas, a perfect homemade gift that’s an amazing combination of sweetness, taste and your affection is something no expensive presents available out there can beat.


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