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How to hang glass shelves using bingo brackets

Today I will show you how I hung the glass shelves in our recently renovated bathroom. I knew I wanted to hang floating shelves simply because I wanted a shelf that would give a modern feel but not take up a lot room. I considered using pine wood for the shelf but it didn’;t give that clean fresh lined look I wanted so in the end, I opted to purchase the glass shelves at Home Depot along with the brushed nickel finished bingo brackets. The brackets are fairly inexpensive and they were surprisingly, very easy to install.

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I purchased the Mural brand glass shelves and bingo brackets from Home Depot.

Next, determine on the wall where you want your shelves to be and draw a line using your level. I am a visual person so I always mark the wall with a pencil. I like to see the lines visually before I start drilling holes! It’;s much easier to wash off the pencil then it is to fill mistaken holes.

Then measure and mark with a pencil where to drill your pilot holes.

Once you drill your holetoddler pillow cases, insert the plastic anchor. The kit comes with metal anchors as well. The type of wall you have will determine the type of anchor to use. I was not drilling into a stud but simply into sheet rock so I opted to use the plastic anchor. Gently tap the plastic anchor into your hole. If it doesn’;t go in easily, get a bigger drill bit and make the hole bigger.

The anchor is now placed into the wall.

Next, remove your drill bit (that you used to drill your pilot holes) and screw the long metal bracket into the plastic anchor in the wall. Use your drill to screw the long metal screw (bracket) into the wall.

Screw slowly into the plastic anchor.

You will screw to the point where the metal stop is on the rod, leaving about an inch showing. Notice that the “;metal”; stop is screwed into the wall leaving on the threads showing to attach the bracket to.

Next, add the round washer and then screw the end of the bracket to the metal rod in your wall.

See bracket end,

Screw rod into the wall.

Use a small level to ensure that the rod/bracket is level.

Add your glass shelves and use a larger level to ensure that they are straight and lined up with one another.

I chose to hang three glass shelves using six bingo brackets. The entire process for all three shelves took under 45 minutes. Once you do one, the others move much quicker.

I chose to add some hand towels and bath accessories.

By adding glass shelves with the brushed nickel bingo brackets, we took a bare wall in our bathroom and transformed it to a functional wall to store bath towels and other bath amenities whiling giving it the modern stylish appearance that coordinates with the glass mosaic tile surrounding the shower. If you need more ideas on how to hang shelves, be sure to check out our other shelf tutorial using painters tape as well as how to hang a shelf to create a floating mantel.

UPDATE: This bathroom was recently part of a Better Homes and Gardens refresh Challenge and has been decorated for Spring 2013 with BHG products. Come take a peek ! Click here to be taken to the post.

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