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pillow case baby 3 Things You Can't Do in Your Sleep pillow covers solid

Three unexpected things you can't do while sleeping.

Some things we can’;t do in our sleep are obvious, like cook a meal or run a marathon (unless you can, and then we, and many sleep researchers, would like to hear from you).

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Other things that sleep prevents aren’;t so obvious. If you can walk in your sleep, talk in your sleep, and in some cases scream in your sleep and still not wake up, then coughing isn’;t a big deal, right?


Sleep researcher Steven Shea, director of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences at Oregon Health and Science Universitypillow case baby, told Popular Science he’;s worked on hundreds of sleep studies, and no one has ever sneezed while asleep. He has a theory as to why, involving non-REM and REM stages of sleep. During non-REM sleep, or deep slumber, stimulus that would normally make you sneeze, like tickling a feather under your nose, simply can’;t get through. If the stimulus is strong enough, like a loud noise, the smell of smoke, or maybe a serious feather tickle, you simply wake up and then sneeze. During REM sleep, however, the stage where your eyes flicker behind your lids and you dream vividly, your muscles are actually semi-paralyzed to prevent acting out dreams, which also prevent the big achoo.

Seems coughing, just like sneezing, is not possible while sleeping. In one sleep study, Shea studied a boy with a chronic cough. Though the child coughed persistently every 10 to 15 seconds while awake, his cough subsided during sleep, for the same reason you cannot sneeze while sleeping. When people are sick and feel like they’;ve been up all night coughing, that’;s because they haven’;t really slept. Every time you cough during the night, you actually wake up for milliseconds, cough, then return to sleep.

Sleep researchers are still studying this one, but most theories believe yawning is either an empathic reaction to others — you yawn when your BFF does — or a means of temperature regulation that cools the brain by shunting blood to facial muscles, according to a study in the journal Sleep Breath. Regardless of why you yawn, which is still up for debate, Matthew Ebben, the director of lab operations at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, told the New York Times there have been cases of people yawning in their sleep, but it’;s rare. Since you mostly yawn when tired, bored, before sleep or upon waking, it’;s not likely most of us do it during sleep.

Now if only you could really clean the house while asleep…;

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These are instructions for an adorable kitty with a seperate dress. She was based on a character from an old old tale, the matchstick girl. I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial!The dress is removable, but I highly suggest you sew the neckline of the dress to the body's opening to prevent the dress from slipping. The pattern were inspired by japanese craftmenship.Note, this kitty lacks a tail but I'm sure your creativity can easily give her one ;)HEAD: CH 2 or Magic Ring (or you can start however you feel comfortable with for circular crocheting)1. SC x6; (6)2. INC x6; (12)3. (SC, INC) x6; (18)4. (SC x2, INC) x6; (24)5. for another 4 rows repeat step 4 with an additional SC before INC; (30, 36, 42, 48)6. SC in round, repeat x5; (48, 48, 48, 48, 48)7. (INVDEC, SC x6) x6; (42)8.?(INVDEC, SC x5) x6; (36)9.?(INVDEC, SC x4) x6; (30)10.?(INVDEC, SC x3) x6; (24)11. SL ST finish off and sew?BODY: CH 2 or Magic Ring (or you can start however you feel comfortable with for circular crocheting)1. SC x6; (6)2. INC x6; (12)3. (SC, INC) x6; (18)4. (SC x2, INC) x6; (24)5.?(SC x3, INC) x6; (30)6.?SC in round, repeat x2; (30, 30)7. (SC x8, INVDEC) x3; (27)8.?SC in round, repeat x2; (27, 27)9.?(SC x7, INVDEC) x3; (24)10.?SC in round, repeat x3; (24, 24, 24, 24)11. SL ST finish off and sewHAND x2:?CH 2 or Magic Ring (or you can start however you feel comfortable with for circular crocheting)1. SC x5; (5)2. INC x5; (10)3. SC in round, repeat x5; (10, 10, 10, 10, 10)4. SC x8, INVDEC; (9)5.?SC in round, repeat x3; (9, 9, 9)6.?SL ST finish off and sewFOOT x2: CH 2 or Magic Ring (or you can start however you feel comfortable with for circular crocheting)1. SC x6; (6)2. INC x6; (12)3. SC in round, repeat x5; (12, 12, 12, 12, 12)4. SC x10, INVDEC; (11)5. SC in round, repeat x3; (11, 11, 11)6.?SL ST finish off and sewEAR x2:?CH 2 or Magic Ring (or you can start however you feel comfortable with for circular crocheting)1. (SC x5), repeat x2; (5, 5)3. INC x5; (10)4. SC in round;(10)5. SL ST finish off and sewBASKET:?CH 2 or Magic Ring (or you can start however you feel comfortable with for circular crocheting)1. SC x6; (6)2. INC x6; (12)3. (SC, INC) x6; (18)4. (SC x2, INC) x6; (24)5. SC in round, repeat x4; (24, 24, 24, 24)6. (INVDEC, SC x5) x3; (18)7. SL ST finish off and sew8. for the handle: CH18DRESS:?begin the dress from top to bottom (aka. neckline to dress hem).1. SC x27; (27)2. (SC, INC) x13, SC; (40)3.?SC in round, repeat x4; (40, 40, 40, 40)4. (SC x3, INC) x10, SC; (50)5. SL ST finish off and sewCUFFS x2:?1. SC x10 in round, repeat x3; (10, 10, 10)2.?SL ST finish off and sew

?This project was met by hysterical laughs from my 18 year old daughter today when I told her to go get me some “fancy” stuff to put in the make up bag. ?“Mom, why do you know this song?” she asked in between gasps for air. ?Apparently I’m just REALLY old to her. But if you’ve turned on a radio at all this summer I’m sure you’ve heard this song playing over and over again. It’s one of those that gets stuck in your head all day… whether or not that’s a good thing who knows. I love playing around with printable fabric when I’m dreaming up new projects and I thought printing out the song lyrics to turn into a little make up clutch would be kinda fun. YEP, you can print on fabric. You just have to buy fabric sheets specifically designed for ink jet printers?at your local craft store. This project takes one sheet of printable fabric. I even added a little bit of lyrics to the back of the clutch… even though after I printed it I realized it’s the WRONG lyric… so don’t worry I’ve fixed it on the free printable… it now says “You already know”… although I think Iggy should consider changing it to “everyone” ?*wink* I mentioned it above, but just to be clear, YES this is a free printable. Just click on over to the templates page on my site to download it. To make the bag you’ll need – supply links below #afflinks:

My youngest Oliver is 15 months old and I don’t actually tote him around in a carrier anymore.? In fact, I never really did because I swear I have a dysfunctional back and need a replacement one. Ha! ;)? But, I know so many out there who do and love it.? And now I’m jealous I’m not carrying Oliver around much because I have seen so many ADORABLE Halloween costume ideas that incorporate wearing your baby in a carrier…..and would have totally done so this year for Halloween.? Except for the whole back thing.? Darn.


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