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Start your child out with the best possible tooth and gum care, and you can help avoid countless dentist visits and cavity problems. You can begin a hygiene routine with your baby even from the first days at the hospital. One of the ways on how you can start this routine is by picking out the best baby toothbrush.There are lots of options when it comes to baby toothbrush designs, so be sure you buy the best toothbrush for your child. With some, you brush your baby's teeth, while with others, your toddler can begin brushing his or her own teeth.Most companies also provide several stages of a child's toothbrush. You can either purchase a toothbrush that is specific to your child's age range, or you can choose one that is versatile and works for all ages.This guide will give you all the options and information you need to select the best baby toothbrush for your child’s needs. The FAQs list will answer all the questions you may have, and there’s a helpful comparison table for choosing the best toothbrush on the market.

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You can begin to practice basic hygiene even in the first few months of your baby’s life. Before your infant’s teeth erupt, you can use a wet piece of gauze to wipe his or her gums.Once your child begins to have teeth, usually around six months, you’ll want to start using a toothbrush. At 2 years old, your child may appreciate holding the toothbrush, although he or she will need help.It’s okay if your child takes until he or she is 7 or 8 years old before brushing independently. Every child is unique, but it’s never too early to practice brushing and cleaning your baby’s mouth.

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As soon as your baby is ready to hold a toothbrush, you can start practicing independent brushing. However, don’t be surprised if your child is as old as 8 years old before he or she can begin brushing alone.

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Baby toothbrushes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some toothbrushes can fit on your finger, which is a great choice for easily wiping gums and brushing your baby’s teeth.When your baby can start holding the brush already, try a ring-shaped handle first. This style is great for helping infants learn how to start brushing on their own. Finallypillow case baby, choose an infant toothbrush that looks like a standard toothbrush in order to get your child excited about brushing.

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Because of the possibility of having cavities at a tender age, it’s recommended that you see a dentist as soon as your infant has teeth.Parents typically wait until their child is 4 or 5 years old before visiting the dentist. However, almost 20 percent of children today already have cavities at that age.Avoiding sugary foods and drinks, along with good oral hygiene, is a great way to prevent early cavities. Using a fun and convenient baby toothbrush is also an effective way to encourage your child to begin brushing his or her own teeth.

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Like all toothbrushes, there are a few basic factors to consider before replacing your baby's toothbrush. First, you shouldn’t use a toothbrush for more than 3 or 4 months. Any longer and the toothbrush won’t be as effective, and could begin to harbor dangerous bacteria.If your baby has been sick, it’s a good idea to replace your baby’s toothbrush immediately, in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the illness. Thankfully, all of the baby toothbrushes on this list are very cost-effective, so you shouldn’t be concerned about replacing them frequently in order to keep your baby or infant healthy and happy.

Every toothbrush on this list is a best seller and highly rated by both customers and experts. Whichever toothbrush you choose, you can be confident that it’s well-recommended and a leader in the industry.Not all baby toothbrushes are directly comparable, and each child has a different set of needs. Carefully read through each selection, and choose the toothbrush that works best for you and your child. This guide won’t try to sell a specific toothbrush, and each one has received a rating without bias.

Baby toothbrushes are very inexpensive, even for premium models. The price of the toothbrushes on this list range from $? to $?$$. Some toothbrushes come in packs of two, three or four, which makes them even more cost-effective. Others, like the BabySonic toothbrush, are electric, but have replaceable brushes. With this small price range, choose the toothbrush that works best for your baby or infant’s age and your personal preference.

This award-winning baby toothbrush uses a battery-operated handle to vibrate the brush gently. Just like adult-sized electric toothbrushes, this makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas without a lot of scrubbing. It’s easier for your child to use because it only needs to be held in place, rather than brushed back and forth. You can effectively use this toothbrush for any child under 3 years old. It only requires one AAA battery, and has a great battery life. There are specific, replaceable brush heads for both baby and toddler teeth, and it comes with both.Customers love how easy it is to encourage their children to brush their teeth independently, and how comfortable the baby brush head feels. However, this model doesn’t encourage children to learn to brush their teeth with a regular brush, so you may need to buy a larger electric toothbrush once they are older. It’s also bulkier than other toothbrushes, which may be a factor if you are packing for a trip.

The most fun and quirky toothbrush on the list, infants and toddlers will love this fun, banana-shaped toothbrush. Its design is for children under 1 year old, and the gentle silicone bristles are comfortable for both teeth and gums. Teething babies will love chewing on the banana, and you can cool it in the refrigerator for even more relief. You can conveniently wash it in the dishwasher, so you won’t have to replace it like standard toothbrushes.In 2014, this teething toothbrush won the Gold Award from the National Association of Parenting Publications. Many customers love how easy it is to give their baby to play with and explore brushing their teeth. However, some parents feel the teether is too large to fit properly into a smaller infant's mouth. While it’s designed for both teething and brushing teeth, it isn’t as effective for older toddlers.

This versatile toothbrush has a ring-shaped handle and small brush head which is excellent for teething babies and growing toddlers alike. The handle is easy for your toddler to hold when he or she is just beginning to brush. Aside from that, your baby can also bite the handle to help soothe irritated gums while teething.While it seems more expensive than other toothbrushes, this four-pack offers a cost-effective option. Customers love the convenience of both teether and toothbrush, and the true brush head allows your toddler to begin independent brushing. However, other customers feel that the neck of the toothbrush is longer than most toddler brushes. There are plenty of colors to choose from, but the four-pack offers a random assortment of colors.

The most inexpensive brush on the list is a safe, easy-to-use way to brush your baby’s gums and first teeth. The finger toothbrush design slips easily over your finger, so you have complete control of the brushing surface. You won’t have to worry about a long brush head injuring your child, and it’s easy to brush hard-to-see baby teeth.These tiny toothbrushes are perfect for travel. Customers love how convenient and comfortable this toothbrush is for cleaning both teeth and gums. However, its size is best for small fingers, so if you have larger hands, you may not be able to use it effectively.

If you love creative ways to encourage your little one, this whale-shaped finger toothbrush is fun, practical, and easy to clean. You can buy a storybook that teaches your infant how to brush, which can help the transition to independent brushing.Using this toothbrush for four-week to four-year-old toddlers can help prepare your little one for a full-sized toothbrush. Parents love how comfortable and easy to clean the toothbrush is on baby teeth. However, it’s much larger than most finger brushes. This makes it difficult to use with infants under 1 year old.

The simplest designs are sometimes the best. The Radius Pure toothbrush offers a traditional toothbrush style, with a wide, ergonomic handle designed for toddler hands. The bristles are softer than a normal toothbrush, which allows them to work on both gums and baby teeth.However, the traditional handle and brush allow your child to practice with a regular toothbrush from day one. The best part is, it comes in a pack of three, for even more convenience. Customers love the simplicity and effectiveness of this inexpensive toothbrush. However, it doesn’t have the same build quality as other, more durable toothbrushes, and some customers saw bristles fall out in as few as four uses.

A quirky shape for tiny hands, the MAM Learn to Brush toothbrush has a fun, bumpy handle that’s designed specifically for your tot. For younger ones, the bottom of the toothbrush has a teething ball.This kit comes with a long-handled brush for bigger mouths, and a short-handled toothbrush for toddlers to practice on their own. There’s also a helpful safety shield, which is designed to protect your child from pushing the toothbrush too far back into his or her throat.Many reviewers feel that this set provides plenty of versatile ways to practice brushing teeth. However, some feel the safety guard isn’t very useful and falls off easily. The teething end is also much smaller than other teething devices, so it may not be as effective.

In the end, the most effective baby toothbrush is the style that is the most comfortable for your individual child, and also encourages your little one to begin healthy habits that become routine. There is a very small price range, so each brush is a cost-effective option. Consider either choosing a brush to last several years, like the MAM Learn to Brush set, or try out a more specific, uniquely designed option, like the Baby Banana brush. Whichever toothbrush you choose, you’ll be making a great decision for your little one. It’s never too late to start practicing good hygiene, and the earlier you start, the easier it will be to instill this vital habit. Try a few options if you haven’t found a brush that works, and be patient as your child learns and grows.

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