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It's finally over for another year and Christmas is now done and dusted. Boxing day is a day to recover from eating too much and perhaps having one to many glasses of wine! It’s also another perfect opportunity to spend time with the family. You could also choose to 'brave' the Boxing Day sales, which is often a good time to buy a new sofa or some new clothes.

You could also spend the day snuggled up in front of a warm fire and get into a good book or to watch your favourite programspillow case baby, a DVD you got for Christmas or a classic Boxing Day movie re-run on the TV! Don't forget to close the curtains and blinds can help to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. It is also practical to keep the room nice and warm and stop the heat from escaping.

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To really help create the right look, floor lamps can be used to create an ambient lighting effect and help to add to the mood and feel of the room. Using low lights which are not too harsh can be ideal for reading or watching television. By having them placed in the corners of the room they will still give enough light to see what you are doing without being over powering.

Low lights will also help you to relax and could result in an afternoon nap in the arm chair! Boxing Day is also a good day for sport if you enjoy watching it. If not you could escape to the dinning room or kitchen to work on a hobby project or to prepare a Boxing Day tea of cold meats, cheeses and pickles for all the family to enjoy. If you want to be really adventuress you could create a new dinning room centrepiece to make it different from your Christmas Day one and also to give you something to do.

Alternatively just relaxing and enjoying the day is always a good option as you have properly done enough already over the past few days preparing your home for the festive season! Once the day is done you can then head up to bed knowing that the Christmas celebrations are now over.

Everything is done for another year and hopefully you had a chance to unwind. As you draw your roller blinds and go to bed in your new Laurance Llewelyn Bowen bedding you had for Christmas you can go to sleep happy and content! Image: The peak of Chic

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This DIY Lace Trim Tee is another easy Sewing Project!


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