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Baked Apple Pie is a must at Thanksgiving?and the apples are?the best this time of year, so grab?your favorite varieties and let’;s make a pie together. ?There are so many recipes out there, then there is your grandmother’;s,?your mom’;s oh how to choose. ?Well we?thought instead of giving you the recipe we usedpillow case baby, we would give you some fun ideas to make your pie extra special.

Apple Pie Ideas:

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1. Cute up the top of the pie, you?can do this by cutting the crust into strips and making lattice, using leaf or apple cookie cutters or other fun decorative ideas. ?So don’;t leave it plain, how?boring is that?!

2. Add a wash of eggs and sugar to the crust. ?Your guests will think you had it professionally baked.

3. Use a variety of apples. ?Two or three different types is perfect. ?The flavors blend together and the pie is just better.

4. Avoid Red Delicious apples. ?They are pretty, yes they are, but they should be the last choice for apple pies.

5. Add more cinnamon than the recipe calls for. ?It will add extra flavor and aroma and you just cannot go wrong with more cinnamon.

6. Serve your pie on a cake dish with a beautiful doily or paper to show it off oh so well.

7. Use a cool pie dish, maybe it is vintage, maybe white, think about the dish you will serve it in and put the bent metal pie plates away or use them for craft storage.

8. Add a dome. ?Everything looks good under a dome.

So pie dishes ready, apples sliced?just right, extra cinnamon on hand, pretty papers for the platter and you are?ready to present your apple pie this Thanksgiving. ?

Happy Creating and Eating!!!



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