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Being organized always feels so good! Creative Contributor Colleen from Lemon Thistle is sharing her DIY Spice Drawer Organizing Ideas. I think you’;re going to love it!

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Hello Today’s Creative Life readers, Colleen here from Lemon Thistle (home to DIY, parties, home decorpillow case baby, and babies). A few weeks ago, I shared a fun hand lettered glittered vase I created using my brand spankin’; new Cricut. I have been playing with it non-stop and today I’;m bringing you another DIY project that will help get your dreaded spice drawer in order!

The spice drawer or cupboard has always been one of those things that as a couple, Shane and I have tucked away and tried to forget about. I couldn’;t seem to contain it. In our last place, I bought baskets to help make the cabinets less of a mess and that worked for a while. When we moved, I decided we needed a drawer instead and it’;s since been overflowing, our kids get into it and the bottom of the drawer was full of loose powder that had been spilled. So we just closed the drawer and tried to forget about it. This project gave me mega organizer satisfaction…; look at how lovely it is! Look at how functional! Shane is raving about how it’;s actually usable now, it’;s a serious win in our house.

Start by measuring your spice bottles and choosing what shape label you would like. I chose a hexagon. Open your Cricut Design Space? and add the shapes in- I could fit five across in the size I wanted. I chose to cut strips of vinyl (2.5″;) and only do one row at a time to eliminate waste. Use your cutting machine to cut the label shapes and apply to your bottles.

Next it’;s time to add the spice names. This was a bit more time consuming since it depends what spices you actually have. Leave one of your labels on your design canvas and add text over top, stretching to fit within the lines. Then add another, and another, until you’;ve inventoried your spices. Preview how it will print and cut a strip of vinyl to accommodate.

When your words are all cut out, peel away excess then cut lay transfer tape over top (as shown). Cut to size and use the transfer tape to line up each word on your label. Press firmly before peeling the tape back to reveal your design. It’;s that easy! Then carefully transfer your spices into your new fancy bottles and marvel at your goooorgeous spice drawer! I know that’;s what I did.

Now to tackle my baking cupboard!

Do you have any ‘;shut the door’; hiding spots in your kitchen or house? How do you tame the mess? I’;d love to hear in the comments!

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