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pillow case baby Easy DIY Wine Rack for a Tabletop pillow covers geometric

This DIY wine rack is perfect for holding 2 bottles on a table top! Simply use your Kreg Jig and a few other tools to build it for just a few dollars!

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Over the past few years, one of my most popular tutorials is our wall mounted pallet wine rack. It’;s super sturdy and holds alot of wine bottles. However, it’;s pretty large and not exactly dainty. To balance the pallet/ rustic project, I wanted to share an even easier DIY wine rack!

I think it’;s super adorable and I’;m betting you’;ll think so too!

The best part? We built it for less than $10.

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Let’;s get to building it! I promise this won’;t take long at all. If you want to build more than one, make your cuts all at the same time so that you can create them quickly in an assembly line! #IndustrialEngineer

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Fusion Mineral Paint who recently sent me a large box of painting goodies! I couldn’;t wait to start using all the colors on my upcoming projects!

Using your one 1″;x6″; boardpillow case baby, you’;ll make 3 cuts.

You will want two pieces that are 12 inches long. The third cut will be 9 inches in length. That’;s it! You can make more than one of these wine racks out of one $5 board. Total steal!

Now you’;ll want to use your hole saw and make yourcuts for the wine rack. For this rack, the hole cuts are centered / in the same place on both boards. It’;s just easier that way. We chose 3.5 inches to accommodatejust about any size of wine bottle. As a couple who enjoys the occasional bottle of wine, we’;ve learned that they come in so many sizes and shapes!

On each board, measure 3.25 inches down. This will be the center of your first hole and the top of your wine rack. On each board, continue measuring down to 8 inches. This will be the center of the second of the hole.

Place a piece of scrap wood underneath your 12-inch pieces before you cut them. This will prevent tear out.

Cut out each hole.

Using your Kreg Jig, create 4 pocket holes on the bottom of your 9-inch piece. This will connect each 12-inch wood board to create a ‘;U’; shape. Once you have it assembled, sand it down to a smooth finish.

In case you are wondering why our holes look abnormally curved for sanding—; For his birthday in July, I bought Jordan a new router. He was excited to use it for this project. He slightly routed the openings for a smooth curved finish.

You don’;t need to do this!

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Lastly, it’;s time to paint or stain your project! We usually stain our wood projects, but in this case, we chose to use a soft white color since we knew it would sit on top a wood surface. Apply one coat of paint or stain and let it dry. If needed, add another coat. Since we used Fusion Mineral Paint, we didn’;t need to seal the paint. But, if I wanted to add more dimension, I could’;ve addedsome wax, like I did for our Two-Tone Buffet Makeover.

And that is it! It’;s a super cute and easy gift for anyone! If you’;re feeling especially generous, you could gift it with 2 pretty bottles of inexpensive wine OR you can keep it all for yourself!

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