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pillow case baby Focus on Detailing for the Perfect Home Decor floral cushion covers

“Luxury is in each detail”, has been aptly by Hubert de Givenchy. Whether you want that luxurious touch in your home or a perfectly done up home, the secret lies in the detail. Most people end up focusing on the bigger home dé;cor items, leaving the smaller ones unattended or for a later stage. But, the beauty of a beautiful home lies in taking everything into consideration and choosing every dé;cor piece, furniture and furnishing, wisely. Paying attention to the small details will help you have a home done professionally with a finishing touch. When it comes to home decorating ideas you may not consider the smaller pieces impactful, but many of them put together work as the perfect recipe for designing a home flawlessly.

Below are some of those small thingspillow case baby, which deserve your attention, so that your home looks a well-designed, beautiful and impressive one.

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1. The Brackets Holding the Beautiful Wall Shelves: You choose the wall shelves carefully ensuring it blends well with the home dé;cor. But, how about the bracket, which holds this shelve. It should also be chosen with care. If the overall room dé;cor is in nickel finishing and you end up putting the shelves bracket in glass or gold, it will look out of place. So, choose the bracket with similar finishing touch to give an impression of a well-designed home.

2. The Rod Holding the Stunning Curtains: The curtains are the focal point of a room. If the window treatment is chosen right, it will automatically draw attention when you step into a room. Fair enough, but we are referring to the complete window treatment and not the curtains alone. When eyes scroll from top to bottom, everything should look perfect. The curtain brackets and rods should be in synchronization with the room dé;cor. If you opt for wooden curtain rods in a contemporary home set-up it will look odd. Likewise, the curtain finials should also be such that they complete the look of the windows. If you have opted for drapes, then let the finials be light. While, in the case of light curtains, choosing heavy, designer finials will be more appropriate.

3. Not Just any Tieback for the Exquisite Curtains: Tiebacks look beautiful and they hold the curtains in an elegant manner. So, settling for any curtain tieback will not be the right option. If you are opting for a fabric one, then ensure the colour goes well with the curtain colour. It should either be in sync or contrast, but should blend well with the overall curtain appearance. You might think of the tiebacks at the end. But, if you want them to hone your curtains further, then select the tiebacks with the curtains.

4. Bathroom Dé;cor, not at the End: In modern homes, bathroom dé;cor is done in a manner that it looks like an extension of the home dé;cor. Doing the bathroom dé;cor any which way will reflect badly, so it should also be done to perfection. Ensure that the shower curtains and rods blend well, and the dé;cor is in sync with rest of the home. Choose the shower rod and curtains in a manner that they go well with the complete home dé;cor.

“God is in Details”, said Mies Van Der Rohe and this hold absolutely true when it comes to designing a home. Focussing on such details, Deco Window has launched an all-new range of curtain rods, wall shelves brackets, tiebacks, adjustable shower rods and curtains. You can view the range here and design your home exquisitely and elegantly. These small, home accessories go a long way in beautifying your home and giving it a splendid look.

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Welcome to my annual Celebrate Summer Series, where I introduce you to a few of my fellow bloggers and their creative ideas! Today you’ll learn to make DIY MODERN WALL ART from cute Jamie at C.R.A.F.T. Jamie is the cutest thing ever and comes up with lots of creative and simple ideas. Reminds me a little of this DIY Wood Slat Photo Display.?


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