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Giving the desired finishing touch to your windows require you to go an extra mile, to focus on the unfocussed. We all keep the focus on the curtains, their make, colour and texture when doing our home windows. Seldom we realize that the other accessories accentuating the windows are equally important. That curtain rod, bracket and finials also go a long way in changing the look and feel of your windows. So, it’s time we give equal precedence to both, window linens and hardware. Here is what you should keep in mind, while buying the window hardware that can complement and beautify your windows.

1.Curtain Rods: Before you buy the curtain rodspillow case baby, you will need to decide the type of curtains you plan to hang on them. Heavy drapes will require a solid and sturdy rod. You may also end up mounting solid brackets beneath the rods, if the curtains are particularly thick. So, focussing on the make of the rod is important too. Along with the make of the curtain rod, the type also matters. If you plan to have dual curtains or sheer and blackout ones, then you will need to have double curtain rods. Likewise, if you want the curtain rods to accentuate your curtains, then look for decorative curtain rods. For that rustic touch in your room, exploring wooden curtain rods with round finials, might just be ideal. You can try the spiral or leafy ones for a quirky and unusual vibe. So, measure the window frame and get the curtain rods, right.

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2.Curtain Brackets: They are the support pieces and fundamental in holding your curtains firm-up. It is these wall brackets that are used for mounting the curtain rod to the wall. If your curtains are of medium thickness or lightweight, then you can go for curtain brackets on the edges. However, for heavy ones, it is best that you go for a bracket frame in the centre as well. It will help to avoid untoward falling or sagging of curtains. Further, if you are planning to hang twin curtain rods, then go for twin curtain brackets.There are double brackets with double bracket kits, which are available in the market.

3.Curtain Holdbacks: Give a decorative touch to your curtains with stylish curtain holdbacks. They can hold your curtains neatly and add to the decorative statement. Coming in different finishing and designs, you can get the one that best enhances the appeal of your curtains and holds them back gracefully.

So, if you thought, just checking and getting the right pair of curtains could take care of your windows, then its time you think again. It is curtains with rods, brackets and rings that completes the look of the windows. Along with the curtains, the type, make and design of curtain hardware should also be considered. There is a lot of variety in the online and offline space when it comes to curtain hardware. Try to check and weigh the various options before you finalize.

If function and fashion is on your mind, then look no further than decowindow. We have a fine range of window hardware solutions in contemporary and rustic finishing that can give your windows the treatment you desire. You can look for curtains, match-up rings, brackets and rods and give your windows a complete new and synchronized treatment. We also haveextendable curtain rodsandadd on curtain rodsto cater to different window requirements. High on style and functionality, you are sure to find the best and latestwindow curtains onlineat Decowindow.in

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