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pillow case baby Handmade Christmas Quilt Along- Step One customized gifts for mom

I’;m so excited at the great response to my Quilt Along!! Thank you! Let’;s get going!!

First of all let me say that the purpose of this Quilt Along is to make a quilt for someone you love as a gift this Christmas (or other winter Holiday). AND to get it done by Christmas, early enough that you’;re not stressing.

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Soooo if you already have a project in mind OR you’;ve got something you’;ve been dying to finish…; go for it and play along!! ?You don’;t need to do what I’;m suggesting here, I’;m just offering tips and ideas for those that might not be sure where to start. Also if you want to just copy what I’;m doing here with my kids quilts please feel free to do so! That’;s kinda the purpose of me sharing ideas with ya’;ll on this blog.

As I’;ve been thinking about how to blog about this, I decided it’;s best to break up the Quilt Along steps into several blog posts, rather than one GIANT blog post…;

To begin- if you’;re going to make a quilt your going to need some fabric.?So today I’;m going to talk about Fabric Selection, then next week will be design ideas. With lots of links and photos for inspiration for you guys.

Okaypillow case baby, you may ask “;how do you select fabric when you don’;t know what your doing yet?”;…;. I found that I work best when my design process starts with the fabric, then pattern later –; ?I’;m inspired by the fabric.

Let me explain:

You know how you “;pop”; into quilt/fabric stores all year. Maybe when your on vacation, or your local quilt shop is having a killer sale? ?You go, but unless you’;ve got a specific project in mind it’;s hard to figure out what to buy. ?So this is what I do…; I collect 1/2 to 1 yd cuts of fabrics that I LOVE…;. then later when I find a specific project for them. I call these “;feature”; print fabrics. It’;s usually pretty easy to find some “;neutral”; fabrics (i.e. dots, stripes, solids) that coordinate later.

This year I knew that I was going to be making quilts for my kids for Christmas, so as I shopped I tried to collect fabrics (mostly novelty prints) that reminded me of each of my kids.. Keeping in mind a specific color scheme for each kid.

This summer while shopping in SLC, i found this adorable VW bugs and bikes print at a quilt store there. It immediately reminded me of my oldest daughter, since she turned 16 this year. It was a great print with a cool color scheme. ?So I decided to use that print as my jumping off point for her quilt.

I picked up some of the novelty prints then came home and shopped my stash and found what I think are enough fabrics to complete her quilt.

How much to buy? ?I find 1/2 yd of a feature print is usually enough when making a lap quilt. ?If you love it get 1 yard…;

for example:

If you want to make a basic blocks quilt, you can get approx. 30 6×;6 blocks from one yard of fabric. Assuming you want your lap quilt to be 55×;66 (I’;ll explain why I picked that size next post). You’;ll need 120 6×;6 blocks which is approx. 4 yards of fabric in total…; So that could be 8, 1/2 yd cuts, or 4, 1 yd cuts…; etc…; you can mix and match however you like! Did I lose you? If so don’;t stress it will make more sense next week.

For my younger daughter, I picked some new Sarah Jane fabric and some 30’;s reproduction ones. I had the 30’;s prints in my stash and was so excited to see how well they coordinated with the Sarah Jane prints. ?I’;m sticking with blues/violets, &; warm pinks for her quilt.

For my son, I started collecting “;mod”; boys prints- things that were graphic or reminded me of things he likes (such as the dogs/cars). ?I tried to think black/grey/blue with a few other color splashes thrown in.

Do you see the different types of fabric in that stack? ?At the top are 4 what I call “;neutral”; prints- they match well with anything- Then can you see the guitar? That’;s what I call a “;feature”; fabric. ?You want to mix your “;feature”; fabrics with your “;neutral”; fabrics. ?Here’;s a tip- sometimes those feature fabrics are pricey (especially if you love designer fabrics or Japanese prints).. if you mix them with the “;neutrals”; that you have in your stash, or ones you can find on sale it will help with the cost of the quilt.

That’;s why I buy “;feature”; fabrics as I find them. ?You can ALWAYS find a “;neutral”; to go with it later.

Here’;s your task for the week

ONE: Decide on a color scheme for your quilt

for inspiration on quilting color schemes try these places:

custom fabric bundlespinterest- my sewing inspiration board &; simple quilt designs boardSpoonflowerModa Pre-cuts?-skip the cutting and have the fabric selected for you, just buy a layer cake or charm pack.Design Seeds.com–; lots of great color combos thereor browse by fabric theme

or just pick a your favorite fabric print and pull colors from there.

TWO: Start collecting fabric-

Either shopping or grabbing from your stash- try for 4-5 yds total…; but you might want to wait to buy it until you know exactly what you are making –; First inventory what you already have before you figure out if you need to go get anything. ?Think of some unexpected ways to mix some fabrics…; if you are making a blocks/strips quilt it’;s an EXCELLENT way to use up your scraps! We’;ll talk more about quilt pattern design next week. ?Just for now, start pulling fabrics together based on your decided color scheme.

Then next week we’;ll talk:

Quilt Design

and after that,We can start cutting Fabric! ooooh can’;t wait til we start chopping up some fabric!

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