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pillow case baby How to Install Dritz Home Snap-On Plastic Grommets sofa pillow covers

For apparel, bags, athletic gear, etc., the go-to grommet style are the ubiquitous metal circles with some type of rope or cording woven through at a closure point. These metal classics are a go-to here at Sew4Home as well, but they're not the only option. For some applicationspillow case baby, especially those that need a rather large grommeted opening, we like the Dritz? Home Snap-On Plastic Curtain Grommets. Although they are traditionally associated with curtains, they are a great solution for a variety of projects. We outline the easy installation steps for the plastic grommets and have collected links for a number of our tutorials that feature them.? Clockwise: Retro Diner Bucket Bag, Nursery Panel Curtains, Large Tissue Box Cover, and Crossbody Canvas Bucket Tote.

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The installation of metal grommets involves a setting tool of some sort in order to seal the two halves to one another (we have a full tutorial on metal grommets if you'd like to learn more), but the Dritz Home Grommets require NO tools. You're sold already, right?!

They come in various colors and finishes so you'll have no problem matching your selected fabric. The two basic sizes are 1" and 1-9/16" (so nearly 1-1/2").

Clockwise: Nautical Stripes &; Grommets Pillow, Classic Grommeted Curtain Panel, French Market Tote, and Hanging Sewing Caddy.

Since this product was designed for home décor projects that require numerous grommets, such as curtains and panels, they are packaged in sets of eight. As shown in our tutorial images above and below, their uses beyond this are many and varied. We never worry about having a few leftover.

Clockwise: Car Seat Caddy, Kid's Nine-Pocket Caddy, One Hour Wonder: The Placemat Tote,?and Square Tissue Box Cover.

Grommeted curtains are usually associated with a modern style interior. However, we've noticed them in home furnishing stores and catalogs in fabric styles that blend with all types of interiors. It's likely because they are such an easy way to hang a curtain from a rod, they're functional (you can actually open and close the curtain without sweating), and they look clean and sleek.

Fast, fashionable, and functional... that hits all the right points! The steps are detailed below. The plastic see-through template we show in our photos is included in each packaged set. It makes positioning a snap.?

For our sample test, we're installing the grommets on a bathroom shower curtain

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