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Living next to nature has definite advantages. Being able to walk outside and feel the energy of life and hear the soothing sounds of a peacefulness, can help to forget about petty problems of society. If you have a 3-season room or a living area that has massive plate glass windows, you are humbled with the scene while indoors. Use the natural setting and a bit of holiday magic to transpose this room into a forest fantasy wonderland, where the beauty of the earth is the stage for a wonderful Christmas.

Bonsai Trees and Evergreen Some plants insist on living in their natural habitat while others can adapt to inside lifepillow case baby, with the right care. If you enjoy outdoor beauty, raising a juniper or other type of bonsai tree can be very rewarding. Using the beauty of wood in furnishings also helps to portray the feel of the wild, with style. Christmas comes alive by making very few changes. After all, the thankful tone has already been set.

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However, by adding green wreaths, real swagged garlands and a few festive stars, the room takes on a holiday spirit. Hang clear LED lights sparingly in dark corners. Window Dressings Although your window treatments may be nothing more than a thin strand of sheer fabric, curtain poles that are made of wood can make a proper introduction of the outdoors through the large glass panes. Add some ivy and white flowers to make a cheery scene on a gloomy day.

An attractive pole can also act as a support for silver chimes or delicate dangling angels, catching the light of snow covered grounds. Lay a forest carpet floor of thick fibres that are natural in colour and appear remind you of the soft untouched grass in a meadow. The neutral colour will keep the room from becoming too dark but and will catch the sun's rays on a bright day. Many excellent lines of cheap rugs can capture this feeling.

Deep shag or faux fox fur are both choices that stay with an outdoor attitude. Being able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors is becoming a popular alternative to living closed up in a house with very little outdoor light. Bringing nature indoors improves moods, helps you and your family to stay healthy, and makes the holiday season, much more enjoyable.

With Spring, we welcome the beloved festivities of Passover and Easter. Do these religious holidays feel refreshing because of their profound historical and spiritual significance? Or because of the budding of warmer weather, the familiar pastel palettes, and the fact that they’re happily less commercially exploited than their December counterparts?

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