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pillow case baby personalised outdoor cushion covers How This LA Florist Turned Her Storefront Into a Functional Home Studio

Though the budding location in East Hollywood was never short on foot traffic (one of the area’s hottest breakfast and brunch spots is just a few doors down), Williams ultimately made the decision this year to simplify her workload and focus all efforts on her floral design business as opposed to trying to juggle retail as well. And because she also happened to be looking for some personal new digs as well, the possibility of finding a spot to live and work under one roof arose — if it met some serious criteria.

As luck would have it, Heather found her dream space in the rapidly developing Highland Park area. It was in close proximity to cute shops and eateries, offered plenty of room for office and studio spacepillow case baby, and even gave her and her pup/studio mate Georgie some outdoor space to chill, barbeque, and blow off some steam when she needed an easily accessible respite. Though, as anyone who works from home knows, it can be tricky to merge your work and home spaces, the floral guru knew exactly what it would take to make the transition easy, and ultimately the best decision for her business. We got Heather to tell us the secrets to successfully creating a home studio that’s just as functional as it is inspiring.

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“Good lighting is key for most visual creatives. Being able to properly see your work, especially in terms of color, is of utmost importance. The two windows in my space provide great natural indirect light, which was a big selling point.”

“Florists need a lot of goods and supplies to do their job, so having enough room to store vases, tools and other goods was essential when finding my new space. I use functional metal racks to store my goods so I can see what is on hand at all times.”

“In the sweltering temps of East Los Angeles during the summer an AC-ed space is so necessary when dealing with as delicate and perishable a product as flowers. Also, it keeps me sane”.

“Finding a location where I can live and work together was the perfect transition after closing my shop. I can work for a few hours in the studio then enjoy a nice home cooked lunch in my patio area and possibly even fit in a power nap to relieve the midday sleepies that often result from 5am market runs. My dog also loves being able to hang out in the adjacent patio while I work as well.”

“The Los Angeles Flower Market is located in DTLA and although I often head in that direction before the sun rises it’;s nice to be somewhat close to avoid sitting in the traffic LA is known for on my drive back to the studio. After closing the shop and not being tied down to the Silver Lake area I decided it would be fun to explore living in a new neighborhood. Highland Park is known for it’;s up-and-coming scene on Figueroa so finding a location a block and a half off a burgeoning street and a short drive to the market was perfect.”

Interview by Ashley Tibbits

Photos by Carmen Chan

personalised outdoor cushion covers

Does anyone else feel sad when it is time to box up Christmas/holiday decor? I always feel a little bummed that the holidays are over because the holidays are a great excuse to beautify our world. To keep the blues away, I came up with a way to recycle Christmas lights and use them all year. Embellished patio lights! Let’s get started.

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If you’re anything like me, you’re guilty of peeking into other people’s homes. Could be you went to grab a coffee and your neighbor’s blinds are open, or maybe it’s the first day of Spring and the whole hood is scrambling to open every window, door, or orifice to let the light and breeze in. Whatever the case, your wandering eye always lands on walls full of perfectly-curated art, glossy wood floors with rad rugs, textiles, pillows and a brigade of indoor plants that look like they’d take an army of upkeep leaving you thinking: How?


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