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Winter might be nippy, but it sure is beautiful! There’;s always a bit of magic that comes with looking out a frosty window to see a world blanketed in snow. To bring that magic indoors, I like to incorporate a touch of the season in my home decor. Christmas decorations do the job nicely in December, but once the holidays are over and the decorations are put awaytoddler pillow cases, then what? Is the fun over? Of course not!

The Bradford Exchange offers an amazing selection ofsnowmen collectibles that celebrate the beauty of winter all season long. With their friendly faces and charming ensembles, it’;s hard not to find snowmen simply heartwarming. Scroll down to see my 5 favorite snowmen treasures and please share yours in the comments!

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Just like snowmen, the artistry of Thomas Kinkade makes winter extra enjoyable. From illuminated Victorian-style buildings to a train that circles around the snowman’;s base, this musical masterpiece is as unique as a snowflake!

Always in Bloom? handcrafted greenery, warm illumination, a happy snowman with his arms spread in a welcoming pose — it’;s easy to make the season bright with this beautiful treasure. It’;s certainly a sight to behold, day and night!

I just love this adorable scene by acclaimed artist Dona Gelsinger. Wonderfully recreated in vivid color on a background made of real wood, this wall hanging is extra special because 20 softly glowing white LED lights illuminate to convey snowflakes gleaming in the light!

This crystal snowman sports your spirit for the Seattle Seahawks in a fan-tastic way, including a train that runs around the base and a mini Seahawks village that lights up. Not a fan? We have more NFL teams available as well!

If this doesn’;t warm up your winter, I don’;t know what will! On a bed of sparkling snow, this merry snowman welcomes the tiniest woodland creatures with a cheerful charcoal smile, a glowing fire and a joyful medley of Christmas carols. It even plays a variety of bird songs and tweets!

Now that I’;ve shared these 5 special snowmen, it’;s your turn! What’;s your favorite snowman from this list? How do you incorporate the winter season into your decor after Christmas? I’;d love to connect with you in the comments!

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