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We take a closer look at our newest Matelassé weave, Hidden and the spectacular Melbourne architecture which inspired this original woven design.

Our design inspiration.

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For the AW17 collection, the Sheridan design team ventured to Melbourne, Victoria, exploring our Australian landscapestoddler pillow cases, iconic architecture and a myriad of natural wonders. As our designers explored the city on their guided historical tour, they were struck by the beauty of theheritage listed architecture. Traversing through beautiful banks and churches, they noticed the intricacies of the buildings, from decorative tiled flooring to antique metal doorways and spectacular ceiling structures.

Uncovering Hidden details

The wondersexperiencedon this scenic tour of Melbourne inspired the creation of Hidden, our newest white weave. An intertwining braided motif complements large sections of geometric pattern, as capturedin the signature elevated puff of the Matelassé weave. A nod to the noble beauty of these heritage buildings, ourHidden bed invokesan old world elegance yet retains a crisp, contemporary feel with clean lines and a palette of pure white.

A nod to the noble beauty of heritage buildings, Hidden invokes an old world elegance yet retains a crisp, contemporary feel.

The wonder of the weave.

Unique to the Australian market, our Sheridan weaves have become a beloved signature design. With a luxurious heavy-weight hand feel, theseMatelassé woven beds combine the simplicity of white with the textural complexity of a raised weave. The resulting 3D quilted effect is a masterpiece of time-honoured technique and technical construction, deliveringa beautifully detailed execution of pattern play. The latest addition to our luxury weave collection, theHiddendesign has been engineered tothe bed in a singular panel, unlike the repeat construction of a traditional Matelassé. Crafted by our in-house Master Weaver, the 100% cotton double cloth is luxuriously soft, ensuring your bed is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Do you find yourself short on storage? Or is the storage that you have not really your style?

About four years ago I saw?Kelly (a garment sewer) mention on instagram that she was sewing five button down shirts at the same time. I thought she was absolutely crazy, but then she posted picture after picture of the progress she was making. They were small steps, but in a few weeks she had five beautiful new shirts! This was my introduction to batch sewing.

Pull up a seat, relax and enjoy our new deck with me! Honestly, I’ve never been a huge fan of decks. My dream house had French doors that led to a beautiful brick patio overlookingan expansive yard. Trying to convince myself that this house was the one, was a little difficult. The back of the entire main level is a sunroom, which we’re using as a breakfast room, a screened in porch and a deck in between. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, not exactly. That also means that it limits the light and views from inside our home. Unfortunately in Missouri, that’s 6 months of our year. Rather than use the sunroom occasionally, we made it our breakfast room to enjoy the views on a daily basis. We’ve transformed the screened in porch into an outdoor dining room {more coming soon} and I’m using the same strategy for our deck. I’m incorporating concepts that I love to make the most of the home we have. I have to say, I’m glad I let go of my dream to realize a much bigger one!


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