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Diaper bags can get heavy very quickly. Slinging them over one shoulder or carrying them in hand can soon get tiresome. Even hanging a bulky diaper bag from a stroller can be inconvenient. Backpack diaper bags free up your arms and hands, allowing you to easily lug around baby gear.

If you live in a condo with an abundance of stairs then I feel for you. I have been in that situation before. Juggling a baby, shopping and a diaper bag while climbing the stairs is no easy task. A backpack diaper bag is perfect for you.

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Don’t live in a condo? There are so many other places when a diaper back pack would make your life easier.

Seriously, life is amazing when you can carry a diaper bag and having two free hands to do whatever you want.

Still not convinced? Backpack diaper bags are also better for your back than the messenger style diaper bags that hang off your body by a single strap. Messenger bags do not distribute the weight evenly and can lead to a sore back. A backpack diaper bag is starting to look like a better option now, isn’t it?

Okay, you have decided you want to be a member of team backpack diaper bag. Awesome. We are always recruiting. Before you rush out and buy any old backpack and start stuffing it full of baby products there are a few things you will need to consider. After all, you want your new diaper backpack to be perfect for you… don’t you?

Most diaper backpacks will feature a large pocket to help you fit in usual sized baby items. This pocket should always be as close to the shoulder straps as possible.

Carrying heavy items closer to your back helps prevent back pain that can occur when lugging a heavy diaper bag around all day.

A popular addition to backpack diaper bags is a pocket made specifically for baby wipes. Because your baby can dirty himself up at a moments notice, a baby wipe pocket allows you to grab a baby wipe without having to undo zips or dig through your backpack.

Some backpacks will come with their own baby wipe dispenser while others will come with a slot allowing you to use your own baby wipes container.

A diaper bag that comes with a changing pad is a real bonus. It can be tough to change your baby’s diaper when you’re out and about, so this accessory can make a lot of difference.

Padded straps are almost mandatory on all backpacks. Without padding the straps of the backpack will dig into your skin. Resulting in uncomfortable pressure or worse; chaffing.

The more pockets your backpack diaper bag has, the more organized you can be. It’s that simple.

I like to have each individual baby item in its own pocket in the back pack. While it will take some time to remember the filing system, once mastered it will allow you to locate items at a moment notice (and trust me… your baby’s diaper will need changing at a moments notice).

Just be sure that the pockets are deep enough to carry everything you need like diapers (dirt cheap ones here)toddler pillow cases, wipes and whatever else you need to bring along on your babies day trip.

It’s human nature to want the best. Why settle? Below I will examine some of the most popular backpacks available.

Style:As picturedBrand: Graco

Graco’s entry into backpack diaper bags is a pretty great attempt. It is not too expensive, has an abundance of pockets and is comfortable to wear. While this backpack wont win any fashion shows, it is just plain functional!

The backpack is made from a durable polyester weave. With a young baby and a toddler, I have crammed as many baby travel essentials as possible and have not yet burst the seams.

So how does this backpack diaper bag hold up in the way of organizing everything? Fantastic! At the center of the backpack are two separate large pockets. Inside of these are smaller mesh pockets. Located around the outside the outside of the backpack are numerous smaller zip up pockets. If you find yourself needing more pockets then you are probably trying to take too much with you.

Heavily padded straps, check. Reasonable sized design, check. You will have no trouble comfortably carrying this diaper bag over long distances. Even with a baby in your arms!

Heavily padded straps, check. Reasonable sized design, check. You will have no trouble comfortably carrying this diaper bag over long distances. Even with a baby in your arms!

My one gripe about this bag is its additions. The backpack diaper bag comes complete with its own baby wipe dispenser built into the bag as well as a removable diaper change pad. These feel a little gimmicky. I personally have never used the wipes case and the diaper change mat is pretty poor quality, it ended up in the bin pretty quickly (These change pads aremuch better). It’s a shame that Graco included these features in the bag. It would have been fine without them.

Style:2 different color optionsBrand: Hip cup

GET CONVERTED! Introducing the newest addition to the Hip Cub Family, the stunning new Convertible Diaper Bag Backpack. This truly is the 'diaper bag of choices’ as it effortlessly converts from a traditional cross body messenger or an over the shoulder tote, to a super cute backpack diaper bag!

POCKETS WITH PURPOSE - With 10 secure pockets (that’s right, 10!), this bag is one of the most functional, stylish, and organized nappy changing bags on the market. It includes 2 front zippered pockets (one large and one small), 5 spacious interior compartments 1 back pocket sleeve which perfectly fits a matching changing mat and 2 elasticized side bottle pockets.

The reality is that being a Mom or Dad requires all the hands you can get! That is why more and more mommies are turning to backpack diaper bags as it enables them to carry all of their baby boy or girl's diapers and other essentials, completely handsfree! (the best thing is this baby bag can be both!)

INCLUDES STROLLER STRAPS AND CHANGING PAD - A complementary set of universal stroller straps perfectly matches the tan accent trimming. They also pair beautifully with the thick navy and white stripe water-resistant polyester exterior material. It also includes a matching portable changing pad. It honestly feels more like a top designer fashion purse than a diaper bag!

HASSLE (NOT JUST HANDS) FREE! - We want you to be super comfortable and confident that this is the best diaper bag for you and your babies which is why we we provide a 90-day manufacturer warranty across all of our diaper bags. We also make it our mission to always put our customers first so if you have any issues whatsoever our amazing support team is on call to assist!

Style:16 different color optionsBrand: Ju-Ju-Be

Now we have stepped into the premium section of diaper bags. This diaper backpack is extremely well made.

The Ju-Ju-Be diaper back pack is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

The material of the diaper backpack itself is treated with Teflon fabric protector. Not only does this make the fabric incredibly stain resistant but makes cleaning a breeze. In fact, you can actually throw this diaper bag through the washing machine. Cleaning does not get much simpler than that!

This is one diaper backpack that is resistant to odors and molds. You know, the things that make your diaper bag smell funny as it gets older. The lining of the backpack is treated with Agion. Agion has natural microbial properties, which reduce the growth of odor causing mold, bacteria, mildew and fungus.

If you turn the backpack upside down you will notice four metal feet on each corner. This actually keeps the base of your diaper backpack elevated off the ground when you place it down. This is such a great idea; I don’t know why more diaper bags don’t include this in their design. Being able to place your diaper backpack down in public baby change rooms without the base coming into contact with the germ covered ground is amazing.

Okay, enough about the outside, what is the backpack like at storing all your baby essentials? It is amazing! Pockets a plenty. Some with zips, some without and of course a large open space in the middle for unusual sized baby stuff. While this backpack does not feature a diaper wipes dispenser, it does have a pocket lined with Thinsulate, a material designed to help keep items hot or cold. This is the reason it is a good insulated bottle holder.

The straps on the backpack are not only completely adjustable but thickly padded. The undersides of the straps are lined with mesh to prevent them from sliding around while on your shoulders. The shoulder straps can be removed should you want to wear this bag as a messenger bag. It’s fun to mix things up! This is one backpack diaper bag can be comfortably worn continuously throughout the day.

Now the only downside of this diaper backpack bag is the price. But you know what? I think it is completely justified. The ease of cleaning, the workmanship, the little features such as metal feet and being odor and mold resistant. You most definitely get what you pay for.

Style:Over 30 different styles availableBrand: Dad Gear

This backpack diaper bag is clearly aimed at men. You wont find any floral print on the material designs. While it may not appeal to women, with many referring to it as “kinda ugly”, it is still a very suitable diaper bag.

I take a detailed look at this backpack diaper bag in mydiaper bags for men guide.

Style: As PicturedBrand: Skip Hop

The Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack can easily pass for a regular fashionable backpack due to the combination of materials used: black faux leather and gold hardware.

This stylish baby diaper bag also comes with several compartments not only to provide space, but also an easy access to your baby essentials. There are two insulated pockets in the front, perfect for baby bottles. A cushioned changing pad is also available for a more convenient diaper changing session with your baby.

On top of those, moms can also take advantage of the product’s clip-on stroller straps which are particularly beneficial when you no longer want to carry around the bag on your back.

Style: Available in two colorsBrand: Cateep Baby

This diaper bag is a good alternative for moms who want a convertible diaper bag. You can carry it around like a tote bag, a shoulder bag or a backpack. Either way, this bag will provide easy access to your baby’s stuff including yours with its padded pocket that allows you to bring your laptop along with you without carrying a separate bag.

Aside from the 16 pockets (zippered pockets and regular pockets) of the bag, it also comes with various accessories that include a changing pad for a convenient diaper changing experience whenever necessary, an insulated sleeve, and two stroller straps.

The overall quality of the bag is impressive. It’s well-made, stylish, waterproof, has padded shoulder straps along with some breathable mesh panels, and provides a really spacious interior.

Jess Miller is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them helpful parenting tips and reviewing the best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

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Great article! Help me a lot to make a decision on what backpack to buy! Thank you!

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How would you rate the skip hop backpack? :)

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