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Wow, this has been a heck of a year! I made some big changes this year, ditching the day job for working from home and writing full-time. I have LOVED being home with my family, even if most days feel like pure chaos. I’;ve gotten a lot of great opportunities out of it, like having time to pursue my art in a couple of local exhibitions, and my first book is scheduled to hit the shelves next summer! Wow, right? It’;s been quite a creative year!

This has also been a great year here at Happy Hour Projectstoddler pillow cases, and I wanted to take a moment to share what you readers loved most this year! Here’;s a glimpse at the top 10 posts based on page views. If you missed any of these, it’;s your chance to catch up on what’;s most popular around here!

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Learn to stamp jewelry with this comprehensive beginner’;s tutorial –; this is the top post around here. I love to stamp, and I’;m happy to share tips, including what to buy, where to shop, and there’;s even a video to help you out! ?I’;ve got a couple fun stamped metal designs coming this week, so now’;s a great time to read up!

I’;ve enjoyed these?wish bracelets?ever since I was a kid, and A couple years ago, I shared how to make them for just pennies. ?It continues to be one of my top posts.

This?bite sized party bark?is just a simple bark recipe, molded in shaped ice cube trays. ?But the star shape makes it fun for parties, Christmas, and patriotic holidays. ?The $1 trays were probably one of my best investments for edible crafts!

This?leaf necklace?is pretty for any season, but I especially love it for fall. ?It’;s a really inexpensive project –; you can make up several from a $2.50 block of polymer clay.

The?woven wrap?bracelet was dreamed up when I needed a quick green accessory. ?It may look complicated, but you can actually make it in about 10 minutes!

I used to make these pretty?map necklaces?and sell them on Etsy, before I realized I’;m not really a very motivated Etsy seller, haha. ?I really just prefer to share project ideas and tell you how to do it for yourself! They’;re not difficult at all –; you can make up your own designs using a bit of Mod Podge and bezel sets available from other Etsy sellers.

These?braided hemp bracelets?are a variation on the wish bracelets, made differently with the same inexpensive supplies. ?It just goes to show how much people love easy hemp designs, with this being one of 3 designs in the top 10 around here.

I didn’;t think these?snack baggies?would get as much attention as they have –; I lined them with a recycled plastic insert so they would work for all types of food.

Our family’;s favorite quick meal was one of your favorites, too. ?This easy recipe for slow cooker chicken tacos?is still in our meal rotation, for good reason. ?Delicious and easy is a win on any night!

Whether you’;re into foodie gifts or different uses like garden markers, when I showed you guys how to stamp stainless steel spoons, you responded in a big way. ?Maybe it was the spicy messages, or maybe you were happy to shop the dollar store again for spoons? ?Either way, this is still one of my favorite projects to date. :)

So what do you think? ?Were any of these projects on your top ten list this year? ?With so many jewelry projects, I think I know where to focus my ideas next year! ?Have you made any of these popular projects –; or do you have another favorite? ?I’;d love to know! ?You guys are what keeps me going blogging. ?If you love it, then I’;m happy to oblige. :)

Happy new year, friends, and I hope 2015 is a stellar year for you all. ?Best wishes!

Have you guys seen how amazingly real the Luminara candles look? Seriously. I turn them on when we have guests over just to see the reactions from my family and friends.?Since there’s no real flame, these uber-realistic candles are perfect when paired with the flammable supplies used in this Halloween decoration DIY. You get the gorgeous glow of a candle with the safety elements of a battery-powered one. It’s a win/win!


One of the fun things about working at a magazine is that we're always planning months ahead. As we're working on holiday coverage this year, we started having an interesting discussion here in the Parents office. Plenty of parents let their children celebrate New Year's Eve with sparkling apple juice poured into plastic champagne glasses. But this practice has sparked some criticism that it promotes alcohol to impressionable little ones. We want to know: Do you think this kid-friendly toast is acceptable, or does it glamorize drinking? Take our poll, and then post a comment below—it could appear in a future issue of Parents.


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