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Ahhh, children’;s birthday parties. The home of sugary highs, tear-streaked lows, spills, jealousies, and opportunities galore to teach manners and etiquette. It seems like these days each party –; each family, each home –; has a different level of expectation regarding a wide range of issues. What is the appropriate birthday party etiquette for kids?

Children’;s birthday party etiquette includes questions of when to RSVP, how much to spend on a gift, how long to stay, when to excuse your child’;s rude behavior or when to address and correct it.

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There are no easy answers. It can largely depend on your personal views, the age of your children, local culture, location of the partytoddler pillow cases, and the socio-economic world of the host and guests. But never fear! We have assembled the best tips from a variety of sources to bring you birthday party etiquette for kids that will be appropriate in a wide range of birthday parties.

This article is a basic yet comprehensive guide to birthday party etiquette for children. Geared towards teaching kids how to behave at their own party or that of someone else, we will also include tips to help direct parents when hosting or attending a child’;s birthday party.

Below we have arranged our guide moving from general manners to specific birthday party etiquette. We will start with a list of foundational “;basic manners”; in which all children should be well-practiced. After that comes the general manners for how a child should behave in another person’;s home, followed by manners for when the child has guests in their own home.

Lastly, we will address etiquette specific to birthday parties. RSVPs, thank-you notes, gifts, manners, and all the rest. Let’;s get started!

That is up to you. Children love to open gifts right away, but there is also the chance of the toys being a distraction or disappointment, with either reaction being rude to the giver and other guests. However, you can counter this by using it as an opportunity to train your child beforehand to behave graciously.

Additionally, the guests love to see the joy on a child’;s face when receiving their gift. On the other hand, guests (especially young children) can get bored during the present-unwrapping stage. You can avoid the boredom by opening presents later after guests have gone, by giving each child a party favor when their gift has been opened, or by passing gifts around so each child has a chance to look at it.

At the very least, speak with your child beforehand and remind them to:

No, you don’;t have to do anything, but it is expected and a lovely gesture to show your appreciation for each child’;s attendance. Party favors also provide a small, simple way to respond in kind to thank each child for bringing a gift. And lastly, most children attending a birthday party hope to receive some fun party favors and get very excited about it.

Some options for party favors: Most local dollar stores have a large party supply section complete with goody bags and items to fill them, 10-20 filled bags may cost you about $8-15. Find puppy stuffed animals at a dollar or discount store (or go big with the popular Beanie Boos) and do an “;adopt a puppy”; box by the door. You can also send a simple homemade treat home: Individually wrapped cupcakes, cupcake-in-a-cone, baggies filled with chocolate covered pretzels, a DIY bake-a-cake mix with instructions.

For more creative types, you can have a party activity in which the children make their own party favors: Dipped chocolate treats, a custom decorated cookie, this fun?make your own crazy sunglasses activity, DIY colorful slime made from a few simple ingredients, decorate t-shirts with markers.

Finally, here are some affordable and fun best-sellers from Amazon:

Edibles will vary depending on the time of the party. If the birthday party is scheduled during a normal lunchtime, say from 11:00 to 1:00, you should serve lunch items. Hot dogs and hamburgers are easy and popular, as is pizza, sandwiches, and chicken nuggets. Punch, lemonade, and juice are popular beverages; chips and fruit are great side dishes.

If adults are staying, feel free to include some more grown-up beverages such as Talking Rain, La Croix, and/or craft beer along with some non-kid oriented sides. When you’;re providing lunch, dessert, drinks, and party favors for a big informal crowd, it’;s fine to ask adults who are staying to bring a side dish.

Be considerate regarding allergies and intolerances. In our family, dairy is off-limits for half of our family members, so grilled fare such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken work well (gluten-free people can go sans-bun). Build-your-own entrees are also a good option: With tacos, nachos, or sandwiches guests can simply leave off the ingredients of their choice.

Same goes for dessert. Cake, cupcakes, and ice cream are practically synonymous with birthday parties. For those with intolerances, most supermarkets or specialty markets have dairy-free ice cream and gluten-free options.

There are plenty of wonderful resources on manners and etiquette for children. Here are some of the best. These are not limited to birthday party etiquette, but are highly applicable to parties and some even contain chapters on the subject.

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