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toddler pillow cases Bricks and Stones Will Make My Home funny cushion covers

Unlike metal and glass, bricks and stone provide a textural foil to soft furnishings and wood that carries no danger of making your home appear harsh or cold. Available in so many variations and styles they can help create so many looks in your home and are one of the few materials that are just usable in the bathroom as they are in the living room. Unusually for such hard materials, both can be surprisingly effective in bringing warmth to a room.

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The most obvious reason you would use stone in your home is to add an air of understated class and expense. Stone comes with an unspoken guarantee of making any space look expensive. Marble for example brings with it its own connotations of stately homes or even Greek temples. Slate is a definite favourite amongst interior designers at the minute.

The reason for this is it has a little something of everything, it is naturally hard wearingtoddler pillow cases, it’s very chic and modern, it adds an element of the natural world to a room and it is timeless. When used to replace bathroom tiles or as a kitchen floor, its dark, mysterious grey tones instantly add glamour and seductive appeal. The beauty of each unevenly cut block practically jumps of the wall when contrasted with some extra soft bathroom towels or other fabrics in a bright colour such as pink, orange or red.

Granite can be used in a similar fashion to replace wood or Formica as a kitchen work-top. An ultra sleek stone, granite is also both hard wearing and long lasting meaning you are not choosing style over substance but instead are getting a glorious blend of the two.

Since the New York loft or warehouse style apartment started to greatly influence interior design almost twenty years ago, bare brick walls have been a long sought after feature in modern homes or apartments. A bare brick wall oozes quality, solidness and style and like slate, contrasts unbelievably well with soft furnishings or other natural elements such as wood. To make the most of a bare brick wall, spotlights should be positioned above and angled down onto the wall in order to really show of its texture. the beauty of a brick wall is that the red tinge of the bricks actually add warmth to a space and really sit well next to delicately patterned curtains or settees.

Short of tearing back the plaster in the hope of finding a perfect brick wall in our living room, half brick can now be purchased in most DIY stores which basically allow us to create a brick veneer over an existing wall and enjoy the same effect for a fraction of the cost.

Hello! I’m Penny Layman, and I’d like to share a few tips and hints about paper piecing. My favorite quilting technique is paper piecing and I’ve been designing paper piecing patterns for several years now. It seems that more and more people have gotten comfortable with paper piecing in the last few years and I’m super excited about that! This will be a three part series giving you ideas and info for your paper piecing process. I’ll be pulling out all the stops and letting you in on my best tips that help to keep me sane while I paper piece. I hope they do the same for you!


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