toddler pillow cases

toddler pillow cases DIY 5-Minute Toddler Legwarmers customized gifts for mom

So we shared Stevee’;s DIY for Baby Legwarmers from a pair of socks and I was jealous! I wanted some for Scarlet, but she’;s almost two and ladies socks would be too small. So I was at Target recently and I found a pair of women’;s thigh-high socks, yay! It took literally less then five minutes to make these. When I gave them to Scarlet this morning her eyes got all wide and she said “;MOMMY! PRETTY!”; *pride*Get the full DIY Toddler Legwarmer 5- minute tutorial after the jump…;

5-minute Toddler Legwarmers1. Acquire one pair of over-the-knee-socks (or thigh-highs in this case…;p.s. who wears thigh-high socks? strippers? anyway…;)

waterproof outdoor pillow covers

2. Cut off the feet.

3. Serge around the cut edge if you have a sergertoddler pillow cases, if not, sew with a zig zag stitch.

4. Fold that edge under and sew around the hem in coordinating thread (umm, i used orange thread on my pink socks because i was too lazy to change the thread from the Strap Cover i made last).


For my final class project at the University of Nebraska for my major in Fashion Design and Textiles, I had to create a garment using unconventional materials. Me and my project partner, Abbie Adams, decided to use inspiration from the 2018 Chanel Spring Collection. We wanted to incorporate inspiration from the clear vinyl material of the raincoats and shoes. Using unconventional materials, we chose to use cellophane wrapping paper and clear shower curtain.

Oh happy day, friends! It's REVEAL day. These are my favorite days! Today I am going to show you the kids' playroom that we created out of a BORING and BEIGE box of a room. It's full of playroom decor and playroom storage ideas that are sure to inspire you. PS- There's a complete source listto the items in the room and paint colors at the end of this post :)

Shoulderless tops are now extremly fashionable. It's very truth but my inspiration was Yen from game Witcher. Exactly one of her optional clothes, the one you can see on picture below .


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