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Whether you are someone who gets really into St. Patrick’;s Day or not, it’;s always fun to wear a little something green on March 17th. ?Even if it’;s just one little piece of pinch prevention, or if you’;re the type of person who wears green from head to toe, I have a fun and simple shamrock necklace you can wear to feel lucky! ?It’;s a fast St. Patrick’;s Day craft.

First, you will need to create the green accent connector. ?While I think it really adds something special to the shamrock necklacetoddler pillow cases, if you find this step intimidating, you can skip it and just attach your shamrock pendant directly to your chain with a jump ring for a 5-minute or less accessory! ?But if you’;re like me and want that extra bit of green, I will show you how to make a small jewelry connector.

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First, cut a length of wire about 3 inches long. ?About 3/4 inch to 1 inch down, bend the small end around your round-nosed pliers to create a loop. ?Then, wrap the tail end around the wire 2-3 times. ?Trim off the excess. ?This forms one end of your connector.

Next, add the bead onto the wire, and finish the second loop the way you completed the first. ?You now have a handmade connector! ?Connectors are great ways to incorporate single beads into your jewelry designs.

Next, join the connector and your pendant with a jump ring. ?Add a second jump ring to the other end of the connector. ?Your dressed-up pendant is now ready to string to make your shamrock necklace.

For a long time, I used pre-made necklace chains for my necklace projects. ?There’;s nothing wrong with doing it that way! ?But once I began using bulk chain and clasps, I realized that there are so many more options possible, and I like it so much better! ?Because this is a dangly pendant, I opted for a longer chain. ?I made mine 20 inches. ?You can cut your chain to any length you like, though. ?Just string your pendant and attach a lobster clasp to one end, and a jump ring to the other.

You now have a great shamrock necklace accessory for the holiday!

And, since the shamrock charms come in a 2-pack, you can even make up a second shamrock necklace for a friend. ? So tell me, do you do anything to celebrate St. Patrick’;s Day?

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