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BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BELTS! This is one of my favorite reveals to date, which is saying something, because I love every single reveal that I have shared with you. But this staircase makeover reveal has to take over my #1 spot. Before I share all the gorgeous photos with you, be sure to read all about the details about the installation of the NuStair wood stair treads here.

This is my favorite reveal ever for three simple reasons:

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1) The staircase makeover was much, much, much easier than we expected and took us only 2days to complete. We used the NuStair stair refacing system, which I HIGHLY recommend. You can learn more about NuStair and the system I used here.

2) I have been itching to rip the nasty, boring, beige carpet off our stairs since we moved in 18 months ago.

3) The aesthetic impact on our home is HIGH. Our foyer is very largetoddler pillow cases, so the beautiful new staircase makes a huge difference!

Okay, a quick reminder about what the staircase looked like before. As aforementioned, the stairs were covered in boring, beige carpet. To make matters worse, we had absolutely nothing hanging anywhere along the wall of the stairs, so the only thing you had to focus on was the sad carpet.

Here are some “;during”; shots {you can read all about the DIY demo and installation process here}.

Well folks, here is how our stunning staircase looks now! Here are some views of the staircase from the main floor of our house.

As you can see, we decided to add a bit of a decorative touch to the stairs by numbering them. Full tutorial on that will be coming soon :) We love how the white numbers really pop off the black risers. It's exactly the look we were going for.

Now, here are some shots of the stairs looking down from the second floor. I LOVE to look at the view from above. Such a dramatic difference! First, here is what the staircase looked like from above before.

And here is how it looks now! A little better, huh?

We added a gallery wall, which compliments the new wood stairs perfectly! I was able to find some awesome fire equipment patents to frame {which Joe really appreciated, given that he is a firefighter–;it's nice to honor his profession in such a cool way}! I also, of course, added some A's, as an extension of our monogram gallery wall opposite the staircase.

And here are a few more random views/shots just so you can fully appreciate the beauty of our staircase makeover!

Now, let's talk about cost. The price will vary from project to project, obviously, depending on the number of stairs you have, whether you have a landing, and whether or not you have open or closed railings. It's easy to obtain a quote–;just fill in the details of your project here and NuStair will provide you with a free quote. That said, the retail cost for our NuStair system was just over $2,000 for all the wood treads, risers, wood for the landing, adhesive,shims and the NuScribe.

You know I am super thrifty and some of you may be thinking that $2,000 sounds like a lot, and there is no doubt it is an investment. But, I promise you that you will pay a lot more to hire this job out and the NuStair system makes this a doable DIY job,which was super important to us. There are less expensive stair treads out there, but you get what you pay for, and we wanted quality. The NuStair treadsare SOLID wood that areAmish American made in Pennsylvania using select or better American hardwoods–;trust me, that's better than anything you can buy at a home improvement store. Bear in mind also that the nosing is permanently bonded to the tread and the bond is stronger than the wood itself and has NEVER failed. Best of all, NuStairoffers a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a 10 Year Warranty on all wood.

What do you think? Are you now convinced that you can tackle your own staircase makeover on your own by using the NuStair system? Seriously, you can do it! If you aren't convinced, go back and read my post on the installation process again!

One last thing…;. I can't resist includingsome side-by-side comparisons :)

Before you head out and get started, be sure to check out my FREE design guides that will help you help you design spaces you absolutely love! Unlock my design vault and get access to all of them in one convenient digital library.

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