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toddler pillow cases Deer Decor- Glitter Dipped Silhouette Tutorial personalised birthday gifts

There are times in life when you just need a little glitter.? These deer silhouette wood shapes were just dying for a little sparkle. Paint and dipped glitter completely transformed the unfinished wood figurines into something fabulous!

Create multiple deer silhouettes with different shades of glitter, customized for each season, so you can have a little deer decor in your home all year long.? I love a deer silhouette…;don’;t y’;all?

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Since the wood deer figurines are unfinishedtoddler pillow cases, the edges may be a little rough. For a very smooth finish, sand the edges with a Sand It Gadget. Make sure to wipe off any dust and wood particles before painting.

Paint your wood deer decor figures with two coats of white paint. Allow coats to dry in between.

Once the white paint is completely dry, paint the antlers, hooves, and wood base in a color that coordinates with your glitter.

Apply Mod Podge to the painted areas only, and sprinkle on a large amount of glitter.

Let your deer decor dry fully, then display around your home! ?I think the gold and brown combination work great for fall decor.? The gold can definitely translate into your Christmas decor as well.

I can see these with pink and yellow for spring and maybe bright red for Christmas and Valentine’;s Day.

What color glitter will you try on your deer decor?? What season do you see these in your home?

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