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Mothers Day is coming right up and today I’;m sharing a great handmade Mother’;s Day gift idea that’;s actually pretty simple to make. This DIY apron made with lace doilies is dainty, feminine and has a?vintage flair that I just adore.

Begin by arranging the doilies on a flat work surface. This his how I?did mine:

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You can arrange your DIY apron in any configuration you like, but I do have one suggestion. The top two doilies that make up the bib of the apron act like two targets pointing at the chest (how embarrassing!), so I suggest placing a third doily on top to cancel that out. Originally I made the apron without that third doily and when I put it ontoddler pillow cases, I?gasped out loud!

Once you know the general arrangement, begin sewing the doilies together in rows. I started at the bottom with five doilies and worked my way to the top, one row at a time.

Pin the doilies together.

Carefully carry them to the sewing machine and sew around all of the edges. Don’;t worry too much—; your sewing seams don’;t really show at all. In fact, don’;t mess up…; the seams are so invisible that it’;s hard to unpick any mistakes!

When the entire row is sewn together, flip it over to the backside where you will see “;flaps”;. Sew all of these down.

When all of your doilies are sewn together and you’;ve checked for flaps, it’;s time to add the ties.

For the neck ties, cut two 24″; pieces of ribbon. Heat seal the ends to prevent fraying. Then sew them to the top two doilies, like this:

Cut two 3 foot pieces of ribbon for the waist ties. Heat seal the ends to prevent fraying. Sew them to either side of the doily apron.

To add strength, I sewed the ribbon on in two places, like this:

And that’;s all it takes to create this one-of-a-kind DIY apron!

Here’;s another apron idea you may like: mother daughter apron set. I love the idea of having a matching mother and daughter apron set. You could even make a mini doily apron for your little one to match yours!

Many of us start the new year with the resolve to get organized. ?My biggest “disaster zone” is my craft table. ?It’s always cluttered with supplies I haven’t yet put away. ?In an effort to tame the clutter, I made some simple, inexpensive storage pieces that will keep my crafting supplies within easy reach but also make them easy to put away quickly. Today, I will show you how to organize your craft supplies with paper mache boxes!

It’s natural to worry about your kids losing some of what they learned in school over the summer. But, it’s also hard to justify making them study or practice while they should be outside having fun. Luckily, we’ve got a kid’s summer camp solution that’s the best of both worlds. Cooking with kids!

At this point, we’re all in this together. You’re the climber, we are your sherpa. You are willing to scale untold peaks to find the right gift and, let’s face it, at this point it feels like might you have to. But relax! Listen to your guide: this is a walk in the park.


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