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toddler pillow cases Easy Embellishment- Needle Punch! decorative pillow shams

One of my favorite BERNINA “;toys”; is the Needle Punch Accessory Set;?perhaps because using it is so much like coloring with crayons, or maybe because it provides nearly instant creative gratification. Just imagine: pull a boring old sweater from the back of your closet (or the $2 rack at the local thrift store), add a handful of yarn/fiber/fabric scraps, play for 30 minutestoddler pillow cases, and end up with a one-of-a-kind designer sweater!

I had this red sweater and leftover yarn in my office for several weeks before I decided what to do with them. Every afternoon I’;d place the yarn in different positions until one day –; after seeing someone wearing a coat with large felt dots –; I started moving it into tight swirls. The yarn tail reminded me of a stem, and so these roses were born.

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Working with the Needle Punch is really just as simple as placing the yarn on the fabric and running it under the needles. After planning my design I “;punch”; it here and there to baste it in place, then go over the whole thing slowly to make sure I don’;t miss any spots. Then I turn it over, punch from the other side, and do one final run-through from the right side. By this point the yarn fibers are so entangled that they’;ve become part of the fabric –; no worries about whether the “;stitching”; will hold! (For a short video demonstration of needle punching?by Nina McVeigh, visit and click on BERNINA Videos.)

For more Needle Punch projects visit, click on Search at the end of the red menu bar, and enter PUNCH in the search box

A Heartfelt Embellishment

Black and white may take the worry out of clashing colours in a contemporary or modern-styled home, but what to do about adding Christmas time decorations, can leave you with more questions than answers. By using shades, form and balance, your seasonal bliss will deliver just the right ho-ho-ho attitude. The holidays are not about red and green, as much as the merriment of the season. Do it right with black and white and fill your home with delightful Christmas memories.

I know that in the past when I have been looking for a particular product and I am exploring an unfamiliar industry like a lot of other people I’ll check and see what is the most expensive. It’s human nature to associate price with quality–especially when you simply just don’t know much about the particular products for which you are shopping.


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