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toddler pillow cases Fashion and How One Girl Used School Supplies to Create It! custom teacher gifts

This time of year there’;s the Grammys and the Oscars and ultimately much of the press around those events isn’;t even about music or movies –; it’;s about Fashion. Who wore it best and what they wore. The same amount of time is spent covering the fashion as is showing the main event.

Well did you know that you can create Oscar worthy fashion out of a few school supplies? This little girl could teach us all a little something about creativity!

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She uses tape, paper and her imagination and makes such amazing fashion! For more information on her and the many outfits she’;s designed visit?

In the meantime –; why not let little Mayhem inspire some creativity for your students. ?If creating an entire outfit is hard, start small. You can find paper doll templates here: Girl ?–; Boy.

Gather the supplies –; any and all?papertoddler pillow cases, glitter, scissors, glue, beads, markers, crayons, glue sticks and any other materials you have lying around. ?Then have the students go to work designing an outfit for their paper doll. You can tie this project into various subject areas you are studying as well like having students design an outfit that would be worn in a specific country or use it to have the kids get to know one another by having them design an outfit that represents who they are and their individual style!

Have fun!

What you'll need Small gourd pumpkins, black acrylic paint, foam brush, craft foam, scissors, glue gun, medium white and small black pom-poms

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