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toddler pillow cases Flower Mothers Day Card personalized gifts for kids

This little flower Mothers day card is a perfect classroom Mother’;s day craft for kids to make. Our template makes it easy peasy and you can be sure the parents will love receiving one of this cards.

Not only does this flower card hold a special message inside, with a child’;s photo on the center of the flower this one takes “;personal”; to a whole new level.

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We pride ourselves with sharing adorable Mother’;s day card ideas –; last year our tulip in a heart card was a total hit, bringing joy all around the globetoddler pillow cases, and the year before this heart shaped flower cardwas in high demand, we hope this year’;s project will be a hit in the classroom too.

What you need:

Print out our template. Print the card base on the green paper and the second page on floral color paper (we used pink in this tutorial).

Cut out the card base and flower stem…;

As well as little strips of paper from the second page.

Add a bit of glue on one end of the paper strip, and stick the ends together, forming a teardrop loop.

Do the same with the rest of the paper strips.

Fold the card base in half (along the line between the circles).

We do recommend you write in your message at this point.

Apply glue on the card base and stick on the paper loops.

Make another round with paper loops, if you want your flower to look fuller.

Stick the head photo on the yellow circle (cut out of yellow construction paper). Apply glue on the circle and stick it in the middle of the flower.

Stick on the flower stem.

All done! You have made your Flower Mothers Day Card.

If you haven’;t already, write a special note inside the card.

Now this is a card to remember, right?

Happy crafting!

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