toddler pillow cases

toddler pillow cases Flower and Gem Christmas Ornaments customized gifts for kids

Photography: Katya De Grunwald

Source:Martha Stewart Living, December/January 2015

accent pillow case baby burlap decorative

Brass flowers (39, 47, and 65 mm, from 50 cents each,

Gold wiretoddler pillow cases, 24 gauge

Wire cutters

Hot-glue gun

Rhinestones (by Swarovski, SS30 and SS34, in Light Rose, Light Topaz, Jonquil, Aquamarine, Light Sapphire, and Tanzanite, from $5.50 for 36,

Gold jump rings ($3 for 105, by Bead Landing,

Jewelry pliers

Gold chain ($3 for 72", by Bead Landing,

Glass gems (in B104 (gold round), B74 (red-orange oval), B42 (blue teardrop), B66 (pink and blue teardrop), B73 (blue oval), B64 (red-orange, pink, and clear teardrops), B95 (blue and orange diamonds), and B60 (clear icicle), from $3 each,

Position 2 same-size flowers back to back. (If desired, use 3 flowers for more dimension, sandwiching a larger one between 2 smaller ones.) Thread wire through centers and around petals to secure flowers together. Trim wire. Hot-glue rhinestones to flower centers.

Open a jump ring with pliers, then use to attach a length of chain to a flower or glass gem. Close jump ring. Attach a length of wire to other end of chain for hanging; wrap wire around tree branch.

Scandinavian style is in the spotlight. Or should I say the natural light? This furniture design style seems to be everywhere, but it’s anything but trendy. Scandinavian style draws on natural materials, organic forms, light finishes and focuses on what is truly necessary for a space to achieve its timeless appeal. And while we’ve taken hygge?to heart, lately we’ve been inspired by the Swedish word,?lagom, meaning?“just the right amount. Not too little, not too much.” It’s thoughtful, it’s purposeful and it is so Room & Board. See a few products that have taken cues from this classic style and feature a modern twist for today.

We wouldn’t have guessed that a tourist haven like Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco would boast a lovely and original jewelry shop, but as soon as we walked into Mashka, a small boutique tucked into the corner of the venerable shopping destination, we knew we’d stumbled onto something special.

Kids are the world; they are everything to their parents. The sweet little girls are daddya€?s darling daughters and the cute boys are the heroes of their mommya€?s! Everything about kids is simply amazing. The way they express their love to you, the way they get their wishes fulfilled, the way they care for you and sometimes, the way they scold you! They can melt down your anger in minutes and can amuse you in the hardest of your time. Kids are the word, kids are everything! A life cannot persist if there are no kids in the house.


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