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There’;s one organization that I’;ve always wanted to be more involved in: ?Habitat for Humanity. ?This is right up my alley. ?I would love to roll up my sleeves and help build homes for people in need. ?It would be so great to do that kind of service, using the skills I have developed over the years and also learning so much more.

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This year?Procter &; Gamble is celebrating 10 years of partnering with Habitat for Humanity on building, repairing?and cleaning homes for families around the world. ?They’;ve gone from helping in one country to helping them in 18 countries. ?From helping families move out of housing projects?in Hungary to?assisting with technical construction and microloans in Brazil, P&;G employees provide them with productstoddler pillow cases, education, and other creative solutions for home care?to really make the house a home.

P&;G will make sure that?every new Habitat home in Asia, Latin America, and the United States will receive a P&;G home care kit and educational booklet on the everyday tips to maintain a clean, healthy home. ?P&;G will also provide healthy house trainings in Colombia, as well as water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) trainings in Vietnam and the Philippines. ?And finally,?P&;G employees will share tips on how to keep energy costs low in Poland and clean homes for the handicapped and elderly in Singapore.

Want to learn more? ?Make sure to join the Twitter party from 8-9 PM ET with DIY Network &; HGTV star Amy Matthews. ?RSVP to join!

This post was sponsored by P&;G, all opinions are my own.

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