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toddler pillow cases Handmade Gift Challenge- Scented Burlap Drawer Sachets personalised birthday gifts

Eeeeks! ?Thanksgiving is in 5 days and before we know it, we’;ll be sitting around the Christmas tree unwrapping presents!? How exciting is that?? With the excitement comes a little stress too, huh?? What will you buy for your sister?? What will you make for your mom?? Oh my goodness —; what about Uncle Bob?? So much to do and so little time.

Today I’;m sharing a super easy handmade gift idea (primarily for women).? Clean Cotton scented Burlap Drawer Sachets.? They’;re super easy to make, smell heavenly and they’;re homemade!? Woo Hoo!

burlap pillow cover diy

Optional Supplies:

Total: $12.92 or less for 4 sachets or $3.23 each!

Step 1:? Cut your burlap.? I cut mine into 4×;4 squares.? That allowed for some wiggle room when trimming after they were sewn together.Step 2:? Stencil your sachet.? This step is optionaltoddler pillow cases, but I thought I would add a little red festivity to the mix.? You could use a monogram to personalize them as well.? The possibilities are endless.? And yes, that is a cookie stencil {giggle}.? I loved the design and said, “;why not?”;? Anywho, you’;re only going to stencil one square of burlap, unless you want to stencil both sides.? I only stenciled one side on mine.Step 3:? Sew your sachet.? You’;re going to sew three of the four sides.? If you don’;t have a sewing machine, consider stitching it with embroidery floss.Step 4:? Add scented rice.? Place some rice in a reclosable bag and add desired amount of scented oil.

You’;ll then want to add the rice to your burlap sachet.? I used paper to create a funnel of sorts to pour the scented rice into the bag.? I didn’;t measure it, but I’;d say it was about 1/4 cup of rice per sachet.

Step 5: Sew the sachet closed and you’;re done!

Wrap in a pretty bow and it’;s ready to be gifted!? A heavenly scented sachet with a rustic twist.? Without the rice, you could use these as coasters too!? Another great gift idea.

Happy crafting, sweet friends!

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