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toddler pillow cases Handmade Gift Challenge- Shrink Plastic Mason Jar Charms personalized christmas ornaments

Do you need an extra special personalized gift for someone for less than $10? ?I am here with three different variations of DIY shrink plastic mason jar gifts that are all under $10 each. ?So pick and choose which gift will suit your recipient, order your supplies from ConsumerCraftstoddler pillow cases, and get busy giving handmade this holiday season!

Lay your shrink plastic on top of your printable and trace around your jar. ?Then color in any areas you wish. ?Add a name if you’;d like.

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Or even draw some hearts or anything else you feel your gift recipient will love. ?See how I added a bottom to this jar even though the silly Google doc looks cutoff.

Using scissors, cut the shrink plastic around all of the jars.

Add holes with a standard hole punch used for paper. ?Be sure to do this BEFORE you start shrinking the plastic.

Put in the oven according to the package directions. ?These literally take 3-5 minutes to shrink up to awesomeness. ?You can see how much each one will shrink in the picture below. ?See how light the colors are in the picture above but how vibrant they are once that plastic shrinks like magic.

Now lets finish some gifts! ?For necklaces use:

Total for 2 necklaces = $9.88

Just use pliers to attach mason jar charm to necklace with a jump ring. ?So simple. ?I love that little rainbow jar y’;all!

For key rings you will need:

Total for 2 key rings = $8.28

The hole in the plastic itself turned out a little small to use on the key rings. ?You may increase the size with a large hole punch and skip the jump ring on this one. ?I just used a jump ring to attach my mason jar to my key ring.

Next up is some gift tags or handmade ornaments that also ?make great gifts. ?For these, you will also need some canvas cord in aqua?($1.17). ?Total for the gift tags is $7.41.

These don’;t even need an explanation. ?I just tied on the cord and cut to length. ?What a wonderful way to label your gifts. ?I love it when the gift tag is a present in itself.

Which of these DIY mason jar gifts are you going to make?

I think my favorite is that rainbow jar charm. ?What about you? ?How many of these will you be making this Christmas?

We'll never use another.

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