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Important dates, birthdays, anniversaries…; there are so many of them each month and sometimes it’;s hard to keep up and remember them all.?Putting them in a diary means that we’;ll have to copy them into a new one at the end of the year. Why not make a perpetual calendar? ?Our Crew member, Ina Solsbery, shows you how to use the Canvas Corp Papers from their Heirloom Collection –; ?Calendar?Months. ?This paper was created to make it easy to add little cards to any craft project that are perfect for listing special eventstoddler pillow cases,?birthday and holidays for each month. ?Using just a few different CCB products, you will create a beautiful and very useful home decoration that will save you time and worry.

‘;I was inspired by the Canvas Corp Heirloom Collection –; Calendar Months Craft Paper and I used several 7gypsies products and other simple materials every crafter has on hand, which makes it an easy to do project for anyone.?It leaves lots of room for personal variations and it’;s a useful little calendar to have.’; –; explains Ina.

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Materials used:7gypsies Collage Tissue Numero7gypsies craft paper Open New DoorsCanvas Corp?Heirloom:?Calendar Months on Ivory7gypsies Scrap Packassorted ephemera12 index cards2 pieces of cardboardduct tapeDeco Art Metallic Paint –; Tealschool glueTacky GlueMod PodgeGessoArchival Inkseam binding2 binder Rings

Tools:?–;?scissors?–;?hole punch?–;?paint brush?–;?hair dryer

What is a perpetual calendar? ?A perpetual calendar is a bit different from a traditional monthly, weekly or daily calendar that features dates, times and specific to a certain year. ?A?perpetual calendar can be used over and over from year to hear and is all about?the month and?what happens the same time and date every year –; a majority of the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. ?Days that change do not work so?well with a perpetual calendar. ?Ina takes us?through a clever way to make a calendar that features each month in the?year with a very creative touch.

You will find a range of great papers for capturing the past and the future with the Canvas Corp Heirloom Collection. ?The vintage feel of this collection is such a perfect companion to any of the 7gypsies papers and art, what a great match.

Ina walks you through the process on her YouTube video.

You can decorate the pages however you like and with whatever ephemera/tags you have available. You can make a themed calendar or give each month its own unique feel. The choice is yours! The month cards or the background being the consistent element throughout, will give your calendar a cohesive feel.

A perpetual calendar is a great gift idea for a birthday, Mother’;s Day or could even start working on Christmas Gifts a bit early this year. You can make one for each person on your list and choose the color palette, papers and embellishments that are just right for each person on your list. ?

If you like Ina’;s project, make sure to stop by her Instagram for more inspiration.

Happy crafting!!!

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