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toddler pillow cases How to Make a Simple Garage Tool Organizer funny cushion covers

I have so many tools in my garage without a home. They are mostly just cluttered in piles inside our toolbox drawers. Worse, a few of them are just scattered around on top of the workbench or on the floor—and some have gone missing entirely. What an absolute mess. I decided last week that couldn’t go on, so I started hunting around for ideas. Yestoddler pillow cases, I could just go and buy another pegboard, but I wanted to go the DIY route. Why miss out on the opportunity to hone my skills on a simple project? Plus, I wanted to be able to point at my tool storage solution when guests come over and brag about making it myself.

I happened across this very useful video:

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What is perfect about this solution for me is that I happen to have quite a few old pallets laying around waiting to be used for household projects. This is going to be a great way to upcycle one of those pallets (I actually am somewhat surprised it didn’t occur to me before) and solve my problem with tools storage simultaneously. So this is going to free up a lot of space. All of my tools will have a home when the project is complete. This project is simple and the instructions are fast and easy to follow; you should be able to get this done in an afternoon. Watch the video, and enjoy your brand new DIY pegboard!

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I’ve been gardening in my backyard for several years now, and each year I’ve learned something new. More often than not, these have been hard-won lessons through trial and error, and I emphasize the word “error.”


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