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If you flip through our catalog, you’;ll notice that many if not all of our dining rooms feature head chairs that coordinate but don’;t match the side chair. We love this look because it brings drama and personality to a space. It also helps break up the dreaded ‘;dining set’; which can feel dated. The only trouble is knowing which side chairs to pair with which head chairs.

We thought we’;d walk you through the process and give you some of our favorite tips:

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When pairing two chair styles together, think about whether the chairs have the same level of formality. In other words, don’;t pair a stately wingback headchair with a wicker or woven chair. And by the same tokentoddler pillow cases, a casual head chair works best with equally casual side chairs. The actual style may differ, but it has a similar feel.

In the dining room above, we wanted a casual feel to go along with the vibrant color palette. Our Gramercy Dining Chair is upholstered in a burlap on the outside which lends the space a decidedly laid-back vibe. Similarly, our Rosalind and Dayna chairs both have the same casual look.

Now, we definitely don’;t recommend the chair shapes match. Part of the fun is bringing in contrast! But think about having at least one common element between the two chairs. So if you have a head chair with a curvy silhouette, consider side chairs that also have rounded edges.

There should be some thread between the two chairs, and the material is a great way to weave that common thread. Maybe it’;s a similar finish of the leg or perhaps it’;s a similar metal color. In the dining room above, for example, our Marlene and Oval Louis chairs have very different shapes, so instead we chose black frames to unite the two.

Do you love this look as much as we do? Would you try it in your own home?

Browse all of our dining chairs or see our full guide for choosing dining room chairs.

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