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I’m sure many of us remember the older, more traditional style of dining room. It was a?separate room that was rarely used other than on special occasions. Some people still used?them daily but just to eat in. It often had the best furniture and was certainly not a place to play?in as a child! Now modern dining spaces are much more casual and laid back, often with multiple purposes.?Kitchen-dining rooms are popular style of modern dining space and are great as a family room.?

They offer a more open space and allow the parents to spend more time with their family while?they cook and prepare meals. Another type of modern dining room is one which combines a?lounge with a dining room. This creates a more comfortable and relaxed atmospheretoddler pillow cases, where?people can sit and unwind on a comfortable sofa. These more modern dining spaces often?have a TV as this gives you the opportunity to watch TV over dinner while still being able to sit?at a proper table, rather than balancing a plate on your lap! Modern dining spaces also tend to be more colourful than older, traditional styles.

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Bright?colours such as lime green curtains are common and can look fantastic when used correctly.?A minimalistic design is another option and is popular at the moment. With this kind of design?you will want to stick to more neutral shades with everything in the room matching in colour?and the materials used similar to give a more uniformed look. You can find all the materials?you need to decorate your modern style dining rooms at a fabric warehouse, which is great?for being able to get the all the fabric you need.

This fabrics can then be made into curtains,?table clothes, seat pads and much more. The other advantage of a fabric warehouse is that?buying in bulk often means greater savings for you, which can be great if you are on a budget. Modern artwork can also add a lot of interest and colour to the room. Framed prints are a great?option as well as print on canvas for that ultra modern feel. Modern lighting and a table lamp?in the room will also help to create the look we are trying to achieve.

Metallic fixtures are also a?great idea, as more traditional dining rooms tend to use plain woods. There are so many choices when it comes to creating your perfect modern dining space. Try?to have some fun with your interior design. Looking at interior design images can also help to?give you the inspiration you need to get started.


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The Thanksgiving Kids’ Table shouldn’t be feared. Here are some tips on how to make even the adults want to say, “I want to sit at the Kids’ dining table too!”This post is sponsored by BHG?products available at Walmart. As always, all opinions, ideas &?designs are my own.You always hear about the dreaded Thanksgiving kids’ table, but I like to make it special, too! I want to create a table that any adult would be honored to sit at, but make it so special that?kids would proudly?say “this table is just for us!” Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to teach our children about being thankful. Despite having a separate dining table for them {for ease of space & accessible height}, I want them to feel included.I found a darling table runner that added a little fall color to the girls’ cream & pink table set. I added squirrel & owl bowls?from the Better Homes and Gardens line at Walmart for just over $2 each, along with some irresistibly cute owl salt & pepper shakers {also $2!}.Isla enjoyed talking to her owl bowl. I think these will be a favorite!Setting the kids’ dining table took just a few minutes!In addition to setting a fun & beautiful kids’ table for Thanksgiving, here are a few activities they’ll enjoy:


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