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After Christmas white sales will soon be here, and the perfect time to spruce up your bedroom in curtains, spreads and rugs. Find our online page that offers sophisticated or complimentary colours and let your imagination run wild. Once you have determined what mixture of colours are your favourite, hit the stores for the best deals offered all year.

Daring New Looks Tired of worn out neutral colours that seem to say little about your lust for life? Get daring and bold with silver curtains that bring walls to attention. Opt for a pair of shiny, metallic-woven curtains or keep it toned down with romantic sheers. Whatever your choicetoddler pillow cases, the effect that this new colour has on your space, will be amazing. There are several mixtures of compatible colours that can be used for duvet sets, sheets, and accessories when starting with silver. Black and white, burgundy and pink, or a sprinkling of all of these can give an up-scale city look, together with your new curtains.

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Dramatic Bed Spreads A sophisticated look can be accomplished by using similar silver or grey duvet cover sets for your bed. Nothing heavy, like velvet or corduroy, but a cotton or sateen material that calls your name when you walk into the room. Crisp, 120 thread count sheets in white or light grey, light blue or rose, will be a welcome comfort as you climb into bed. Specials for all of these items will enable you to buy the best quality and feel like royalty. Tightly woven area rugs or plush faux furs will accent the space, without too much grander. Wall Hangings and Flowers Long-stemmed lavender and pink flowers add a delicate taste with simplicity and vibrancy.

Select only two or three long stems and place in a high black or dark glazed ceramic vase. For a classier look, use a silver or crystal container that glistens with the light. A couple of simple, black framed pictures of Conceptual Art or a charcoal architectural design, will be balanced with form and intrigue. Other items that are based on geometrics or straight lines will give a modern flair. Regardless of the style you have in mind, after Christmas sales on home decorating items can put you in the mood for a much needed change. New colours, form and balance will bring an entirely different look and feel to your favourite space and the savings will make you feel great.

Do you find yourself short on storage? Or is the storage that you have not really your style?

About four years ago I saw?Kelly (a garment sewer) mention on instagram that she was sewing five button down shirts at the same time. I thought she was absolutely crazy, but then she posted picture after picture of the progress she was making. They were small steps, but in a few weeks she had five beautiful new shirts! This was my introduction to batch sewing.

Pull up a seat, relax and enjoy our new deck with me! Honestly, I’ve never been a huge fan of decks. My dream house had French doors that led to a beautiful brick patio overlookingan expansive yard. Trying to convince myself that this house was the one, was a little difficult. The back of the entire main level is a sunroom, which we’re using as a breakfast room, a screened in porch and a deck in between. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, not exactly. That also means that it limits the light and views from inside our home. Unfortunately in Missouri, that’s 6 months of our year. Rather than use the sunroom occasionally, we made it our breakfast room to enjoy the views on a daily basis. We’ve transformed the screened in porch into an outdoor dining room {more coming soon} and I’m using the same strategy for our deck. I’m incorporating concepts that I love to make the most of the home we have. I have to say, I’m glad I let go of my dream to realize a much bigger one!


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