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toddler pillow cases Last Minute Gift Idea- Custom Bottle Capsdiy customized gifts for him

If you’;re scrambling for last minute crafty gift ideas, here’;s a great project that you can customize for each recipient. Custom bottle caps! Use dollhouse miniatures that reflect a hobby or passion of the recipient to create a unique jewelry piece. ?Dimensional Magic makes it easy to quickly assemble these custom bottle caps and still have a professional looking finish.

Step one: ?Choose your miniature. ?There are so many adorable minis available that it should be no problem to find the perfect one for the person you are creating for!

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Step two: ?Pour a small amount of Dimensional Magic into the bottle cap.

Step three: ?Add the miniatures to the bottle cap, and add Dimensional Magic if needed.

Step four: ?When it’;s drytoddler pillow cases, add a chain to complete your custom bottle caps gift!

I wanted to make a custom ring, but the bottle caps were a little too big. To create this adorable birthday cake ring, just add Dimensional Magic and adhere the cake to the ring blank.

Let dry completely. ?Then, wrap it up in a cute little box and it’;s ready to be gifted!

Here are a few more custom bottle caps I created:

To learn how to make the sandy flip flops and soda pop pendants, check out this short video clip I made. ?I explain how I created the effect of sand and give tips on how to prepare paper so the colors don’;t “;bleed”; when you apply Dimensional Magic.

Which miniature would best describe you?

A few years ago, we redid out kitchen, including adding in some new cabinets. We took out the old cabinets and I am sorry to say, just hauled them away. I had no idea that there were things that you could make from old kitchen cabinets. I was thinking about that recently and thought that it would look and see if there actually are things that can be made from repurposed cabinets. I found 10 fabulous repurpose ideas for kitchen cabinets!

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Here at Baby Be Hip we are learning that our Personalized Burp Cloths are used for many different things other than just spit ups and clean ups. In some cases, they become doll blankets, play kitchen towels and even security blankets aka “loveys” or “blankies”.We recently heard from one loyal customer who has a funny tale about her son Catlin and his deep love affair with his Baby Be Hip Personalized Burp Cloths.Here is her adorable story and plea for us to rush Catlin his “blankies”.


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