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This post is part of a series of posts sponsored by Craftsy. Watch for fun information and deals pop up here over the next few months about some online sewing classes-don’;t worry, all opinions are, and will always be, 100% mine.?

Today I’;m going to share with you a fun little project that I’;ve agreed to take on for the next 4 months. ?It’;s one that I’;m very excited about and one that I think you will really enjoy. ?Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take some of those “;online”; sewing classes that you hear so much about in the blogosphere? ?I know that I always wondered- they would pop up in my Facebook feed or on Pinterest and I’;d think “;those look cool, but I wonder what they are like..”;.. Well wonder no more- I’;m here to be your proverbial guinea pig! I’;ve teamed up with Craftsy and have agreed to take 8 Craftsy Classes over the next 4 months- am I crazy??? Maybetoddler pillow cases, only time will tell on that one *wink*…; but don’;t you want to stick around and see how much I get done??

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I’;ve been chatting with the folks over at Craftsy about what kinds of classes that you’;d like to hear about, and what kinds of things I would want to learn. I thought about what some of my most asked questions are on this blog and even posted a few questions on Facebook to see what y’;all are interested in.

Over the course of the next few months, I’;ll take a class then report back to you what I learned and what I thought of the class. I should also have some really fun finished projects to share with you too. Let’;s see how many things I can get off of my “;to do”; list ?(see, I do at times have ulterior motives)…;

So first up…; What is Craftsy???

Craftsy is an online learning website. You can take classes on various topics such as Sewing, Quilting and Jewelry Making. You enroll in a class then take the class at your own pace. There are no deadlines and you can access the class anytime you want. The classes are taught by some of the best instructors in the industry.

Which brings me to today’;s topic: ?Zippers…;

Yes,?you can sew a Zipper. I promise. I know it makes many of you nervous because you tell me things like “;I love that, but I can’;t sew a zipper”; and “;is there a way to make it without a zipper?”;

One of the best ways to learn something in my opinion is by doing it. You’;ve just got to sit down and try it out. ?I’;m here to offer you a little bit of help with that today. Did you know that Craftsy has a FREE class on Mastering Zipper Techniques? ?Yep free.

Sunni Standing, who I had the privilege of taking a class from at the Sewing Summit last year, walks you through step by step inserting?different types of zippers. The class is in video format so you can pause when you get stuck, and rewind if you miss a step. I took the class and even though I was familiar with many of the techniques I picked up several tips and tricks along the way.. I also learned something very important.

A few years ago I made myself this top. I had never sewn an invisible zipper before and did the best I could based on the pattern directions. When it was done I knew that I didn’;t do it correctly and haven’;t been wearing the top too much as a result.

See, that zipper’;s not too invisible is it?? I took the zipper class, and using the techniques explained in the class, took out the zipper and put it back in again.. and VOILA! It’;s now invisible.

I realized quickly what I had done wrong and was able to fix it. The best part is, if I forget again how to insert the zipper I can just go back and re-watch that section of the video again.

Now if I had only thought to line up the pattern on the fabric before I cut out the top…; but that’;s a topic for another day (or class).

To take this class, just hop on over to Craftsy?to sign up.

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