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toddler pillow cases One-Minute, Instant Charm Bracelet personalised gifts for her

Today’;s DIY is practically a cheat, because you can literally put it together in one minute. ?If you’;ve had your eye on a Pandora-style charm bracelet but haven’;t wanted to accept the price tag on the charms, then you’;ll be happy to hear that you can find large-hole beads for TONS of interests out there. ?I recently made this piece up for a good friend of mine, and I’;m sharing because you may not realize how easy it is to make your own charm bracelet. ?(Hint: the hardest part is deciding which beads are your favorites! ?Everything else is WAY easier.)

So I just picked out a bracelet base and then chose some beads that reminded me of my friend. ?I shopped Goody Beads for this project, and I’;ll leave you affiliate links below in case you’;re looking to do a little shopping yourself!

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You will need to choose the following:

I used 11 beads, and there’;s room for about 7 more on the 7.5 inch bracelet base I selected. ?(7.5 is the length I choose for most women’;s jewelry projects when I’;m not suretoddler pillow cases, though larger and smaller sizes are available.) This way, my friend can still add beads that are special to her later, or I could even send along a bead here and there to congratulate her on a new achievement or wish her luck. ?The number of beads will depend not only on the bracelet length, but also on the size beads you choose. ?They’;re all different widths, because each is different and unique.

The style bracelet I chose has a screw-off end so that you can easily add beads, and they’;ll be stoppered on the chain when it’;s un-clasped. ?If you’;re totally certain you’;re done adding beads, adding a drop of superglue to the end cap will ensure that it never accidentally comes unscrewed. ?I’;d like to leave the option open for her –; she can glue it closed herself once she fills it, or decides to keep it as it is.

I wanted to incorporate some color, so I chose a color theme to start. ?Then, I selected silver-tone beads that represent our common interests and things that I think are special about her (like the light bulb –; because she has brilliant ideas). ?The key to this style is to embrace that each bead is different, so don’;t try too hard to force a pattern!

It’;s so easy that EVERYONE can make this style bracelet –; even the kids. ?I know Mother’;s Day has come and gone this year, but feel free to pin this idea to file it away for next year, for Christmas, for birthday, or any other special occasion. ?There are SO many different interests for beads available to choose from. ?I focused on crafty kinds of beads, and still filled out the bracelet quite nicely. ?The individual beads do add up, but not nearly as quickly as a trip to the jewelry store does. ?You can always start with just a couple beads, and add to it as you go.

Thanks for joining me for today’;s instant project as I’;m gearing up for the weekend, and I hope you all have a great one!

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