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You’ll be hard pressed to find a profession that loves and appreciates a good deal more than teachers. So the idea of having an Amazon Prime discount exclusively for teachers is a big deal.

No, this isn’t yet a reality, and there’s nothing that says it’s on the horizon. But that hasn’t stopped Erica Powell from starting a petition on Change.organd getting more than 150,000 signatures from other teachers.

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“Teachers use Amazon in many different ways,” Erica writes in her online plea. “It’s great to create wish lists to get out to parentstoddler pillow cases, to order supplies and other things you need quickly without having to go out.”

As Erica notes in her petition, Amazon already offers a discount to students, who receive about half off the newly increased fee of $119 a year.

“Amazon is a great company,” she writes. “Since they offer students (who are usually on a budget) a great discount, why not offer it to teachers who are also usually on a budget as well? Especially since the membership price comes out of our pockets and not the school’;s.”

The petition’;s many supporters agree. With teachers spending an average of $500 of their own money on supplies, it’;s no wonder that this effort is being met with so much love and support. Here are some of the reasons teachers gave for signing the petition, hoping to catch the attention of Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos.

“I believe teachers who pay for their supplies out of pocket deserve a discount for educating our future,” writes Whitney Martignoni.

“I am a teacher who is always using Amazon Prime, mostly on my own dime!” writes Rita Hanson. “When I create a Donors Choose project, I also choose products through Amazon.”

“This teacher needs to save all the money she can!” writes Robin Fieler.

Erica’s Amazon petition is currently trying to get 200,000 signatures. To sign it, all you have to do is create a quick login and then enter your name to show your support.

Who knows? Perhaps someone will turn this teacher dream into a reality.

In the meantime, check out some of our teacher perksthat already exist!

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