toddler pillow cases

toddler pillow cases Palo Santo Gift Bundles customized gifts for kids

Spark joy in a coworker with this custom, cooler-than-a-candle home-fragrance kit.?

Photography: Addie Juell

customized gifts for kids

Source:Martha Stewart Living, December 2018

New to palo santo? Centuries?old, this wood is derived from a wild?tree?native to Mexico and?the coast of South America. Its Spanish name Bursera graveolens?translates to?mean "holy woodtoddler pillow cases," and?may even have spiritual superpowers: When burned, the sticks smell?like lemons and pine, and?are said to promote creativity, clear negative energy, and invite good luck.

For more ideas, scroll through our entire collection of?DIY gifts?and leftover wrapping paper ideas. This is just one of many?natural ways to make your home smell like Christmas.

Palo santo sticks (Pictured: World Seed Supply Bursera graveolens?palo santo?wood pieces, $25 for 1 lb. (about 65),

Box of matches (Pictured: UCO long-burn matches, $3 for 50,

Small dish?(Pictured: CB2 Cuatro small platter, $2.50,

Wrapping paper


Glue stick

Cover a box of long kitchen matches in wrapping paper (cut to fit box,?and secured with a glue stick for a refined effect).

Set it on a tray with a bundle of palo santo incense sticks.

Choosing new rugs for the living room, the bedrooms, and even the dining room is often a no-brainer: find a design you love that goes with your existing color palette, furniture, and accessories, and you’re good to go, no matter the material. But what about selecting rugs for problem spaces—rooms that because of their function or environmental conditions need a bit of extra consideration? Today Annie’s demystifying the process with her guide to rugs for challenging rooms. Read on, intrepid decorators, for the best rug choices for the kitchen, the bath, the mudroom, the laundry room, the craft space, the basement, and, yes, even the man cave.

After a long absence, I'm so happy (relieved?) that all of the printed textiles are back! Did you miss them? (I did.) That means Owlbert and Floral Fantasy are back, too. There is no sewing, no transferring or tracing -just stitching.

Welcome back, my Cutting Edge Stencils fans. We are kicking off the week on a high note with two awesome stencil projects and a stencil giveaway!? Stencils are a great way to personalize any space, by accenting your walls, home decor, crafts or furniture.? These projects can are simple, stylish and super inexpensive! Come check out our two home decor projects.


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