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toddler pillow cases Pondering Over Pastels- Pastel Pinks funny cushion covers

Now that we have got you interested in how beautiful pastels can make a real impact on your home, today we're going to focus our attentions on using pinks – before you scream 'No!- not pink!' don't forget that there are many different shades and hues of pink even within the pastel colour ranges.

Pastel pink can be teamed with soft grey to give a refined and very classy look in lounges and bedrooms, while mixing pastels with darks offers a very grown-up and sophisticated look.

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Pastel pink of course! Try mixing it with a darker pink tone for the focal point of your roomtoddler pillow cases, either your bed or your sofa. To add further interest don't forget to include some pattern. You don't have to go overboard but a little pattern, either trendy candy stripes on ready made pink curtains or small chequered squares will add that little bit of interest and stop the colours from looking too flat.

Whether you have soft pink or warm cream carpet or light floorboards try to keep the colours as light as possible. This will not only give the room the illusion of more space it will also help ground your colours. Add extra interest with beautifully patterned Indian rugs placed at both sides of the bed or one large rug at the foot of the bed.

Keep to lighter colours if your room is small to trick the eyes into seeing more than it actually there! For larger room mid tones such as walnut make a stunning contrast against pastel pink. If you prefer a more retro look white is a good choice; simply add cheap cushion covers in pastel pink for sofas and chairs, slip-covers for dining room chairs or stylish boudoir cushions in the bedroom.

You have two choices to suit your style of home; the first is soft and dreamy – which is what most people associate with pastels. Look for voile curtains ready made in soft pastel pink to lay over hot pink curtains – the two tone effect will look simply stunning! Your second choice is to go for heavier fabrics such as damask or jacquard; keep the balance right by choosing window dressings which compliment your furnishings.

Soft lighting and strategically placed table lamps are easier on the eye and less stark than overhead lighting. Look for pastel pink lamp shades to tie the room together with a balanced and cohesive look. Fresh flowers (pink of course!) always show that you've really thought out your interior design style all the way through – the mark of a real professional!

We're in the sleep, 5 x 5. Travel pillows are great. The only thing they lack is some kind of screening to block out ambient bright lights and noise. And out on deep space missions you have to worry about radiation. Well, if they only offer suspended animation in first class, make and take this travel pillow with hood and eyeshade to ensure things are nice and cozy.

Truffle Aioli is the best way to enhance even the most basic recipes like sandwiches, fish, asparagus and more! Truffle Mayo is also great for drizzling or dipping fries and blending into dips.

Happy almost fall, y’all! To celebrate the fact that Fall is just around the corner, I made some free Fall printables :) I plan to decorate our home for Fall this weekend. Now,I know not everyone wants to decorate their homes for each season, and I totally get it. Even I try not to go overboard. But if you want to add just a touch of Fall to your home for free and with very little effort, these free Fall printables are for you!


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