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toddler pillow cases See a Doctor From Home with American Well personalised gifts for her

Thank you American Well for sponsoring our online doctor visit.

If you’;re a parent, you know how much time and energy go into getting your kids to the doctor. ?I always dread it! ?Not only does everyone have to get ready and out the door in time for an appointment, but I swear, the day after an office visit, both kids come down with some bug they caught in the waiting room. ?I want to take good care of my kids, of course, but I find that if there are conditions that can wait until the kids’; next well-child appointment, I put it off. ?Does that sound terrible?

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For example –; Roman has a couple of recurring rashy patches?on his legs that I’;ve just been slathering with Eucerin over the counter. ?He’;s itchy, but I just keep pants on him so he won’;t scratchtoddler pillow cases, and I was planning to bring it up again at his next checkup next month. ?He’;s had these spots on and off since he was a baby, and he’;s already been tested for food allergies, so if it’;s just eczema –; well, I just don’;t want to drag the kids out to the doctor just to have her suggest I just keep a heavy-duty moisturizer on him. ?But if there’;s more I could be doing, well, I’;d like to know that, too.

So, when I found out about American Well, a service you can use with your webcam or your mobile device, it was the perfect opportunity to get a doctor’;s opinion on his skin without even leaving the house. ?American Well connects users with real doctors –; from primary care physicians to specialists –; and they are a great choice for helping you and your family with minor illnesses and injuries, general health concerns, chronic conditions, and they can even write prescriptions when warranted. ?Here’;s a short clip that tells you a little more:

The service is available 24 hours a day, which is perfect for when your little ones spike a fever in the night, and you want the reassurance of what to look out for, what you can give them, and at what doses. ?Have you ever tried reading the bottle of infant ibuprofen at 2 am? ?Consult a doctor, it will tell you. ?At 2 am, my choices are to wait it out and call in the morning, or head to the ER for a doctor’;s advice. ?If it’;s truly an emergency, I have no issue with making the trip and paying the emergency co-pay, but now that I have an option to connect with a doctor from home? ?It’;s a no-brainer. ?Even with a wiggly kid on my lap, it was the easiest doctor visit we’;ve had since my son’;s first few months.

You can try out the service for yourself and get your first visit free using the code MOMSQUAD. ?Just visit American Well, create your profiles, and when you’;re ready to connect with a doctor you can enter the code. ?I did, and it was so easy! ?You can connect from your computer, or download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Even if you don’;t have kids, Amwell is for everyone! ?If you’;ve got busy workdays and find it tough to arrange time off for an ongoing or a minor condition –; just get on your smartphone or tablet on your lunch break and chat with a doctor about it. ?Coming down with a bug, and wondering if it’;s a cold or the flu? ?Just ask. ?Traveling and can’;t get home to your primary care doctor? ?Talk to Amwell! ?There are so many ways their doctors can help make your life easier by connecting with you wherever you are.

Sing up now and be ready to chat with a doctor anytime, anywhere, the next time you need one. ?Just visit the?American Well?site and create your profile now, so that it’;s ready for you when you need it. ?It only take a few minutes, and don’;t forget –; your first visit is free when you connect to a doctor with the code MOMSQUAD. ?Our American Well doctor prescribed a steroid cream for little mister that we were able to pick up at the pharmacy down the road, and gave me tips on how to keep his skin as hydrated as possible. ?She also recommended that I ask about allergy testing from his doctor on his next well child visit –; which I wouldn’;t have thought of. ?It was so great to get expert advice online!

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