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toddler pillow cases The IKEA Kama Sutra Will Help You Find Your Bedroom Nirvana decorative pillow covers

Shopping for bedroom furniture'and figuring out how to decorate a bedroom'hasn't changed much in the last decade or so. Sure, trends come and go, but the major furniture components of a bedroom are forever (or close to it). Still, sometimes some new bedroom ideas pop up to inspire bedroom aficionados and make creating a nice-looking, comfortable, sleep-friendly bedroom easier'and this time, they're from IKEA.

The Swedish furniture company may be known best for the iconic IKEA rolling cart and never-ending lists of IKEA hackstoddler pillow cases, but it also has plenty of bedroom d'cor options that are both good-looking and affordable. To help make sifting through all those options a little simpler, the store's design team has put together the IKEA K'ma Sutra: a digital book filled with bedroom ideas and furniture solutions that fit any personality and style.

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The IKEA K'ma Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Satisfaction is an homage to an ancient Indian Sanskrit text'the Kama Sutra'which explores sexuality, eroticism, the art of living, and emotional fulfillment, among other things, and which famously includes a number of explicit positions. IKEA's Kama Sutra is much more PG, with playfully named bedroom positions (or solutions) that seeks to help people create bedrooms that really fulfill their bedroom-related needs. (Sleep, obviously.)

'Whether you're looking to keep things fresh or simply trying to get a little more of what you desire in the boudoir, the IKEA K'ma Sutra is a tongue-in-cheek approach to help people design a bedroom that truly hits the spot,' the press release announcing the digital book launch reads. According to the release, the IKEA K'ma Sutra features 20 distinct bedroom solutions that suggest layouts, products, themes, and more to help anyone create a better bedroom. The solutions are based on common bedroom conundrums, such as cohabitation-caused space issues or style clashes, and make problem-solving look great. You can download the book straight to your phone or computer, or scroll through online to get the associated product recommendations with each image.

Courtesy of IKEA

The illustrations in the IKEA K'ma Sutra are beautifully done and uber inspirational, and the online version features links to suggested IKEA products, so shopping is easy. The solutions include a streamlined Scandinavian look, a dramatic and elegant aesthetic, and even ideas ready for pet-lovers. The idea is that, no matter your style and bedroom preferences, you'll be able to find a position/solution that suits you'and make it a reality with a quick IKEA run.

If shopping at IKEA ever feels overwhelming and you're looking to make a statement with your bedroom, this new guide might offer the inspiration you've been looking for.

Hello angels! Here is something you can do with your kids and get a nice result at the same time and share prescious time with your little ones creating together. This is an easy project? and I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing it. It’s a fabric dimensional flower that can be used in different ways: a room decor, a gift bow…..or a lid for a tiny basket like I did. You will need just some? fabric and some glimmer mist.

This is exactly the project you've been waiting for: the Zero Calorie box of Valentine's chocolate! Our plump little heart pillows have a pleated chiffon sash across the center to give them the look of the classic heart-shaped boxes of assorted chocolates. Secret Tip: hidden inside are layers of batting and muslin to keep our hearts smooth and round. They are fast and easy to make and take just small cuts of fabric; use used Fat Quarters. They'll make a perfect gift for everyone you love, because just like Forrest said, "Life is like a box o' chocolates!"

I was fortunate enough to find this gorgeous seeded glass cloche at Junk Bonanza last month. ?I love it so! ?I think cloches, aka bell jars, are so beautiful. ?They immediately give anything you put under them more importance.


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