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Curtains are no longer a mere window dressing. They go beyond their conventional use of draping the windows. Coming in colossal colours, prints and fabrics, they are an integral element of home decor. They can form the basis of a room’s ambience and atmosphere. But, given the array of options, the process of discerning becomes overwhelming. So, when thinking about buying new curtains, focus on function. It will also make narrowing down your options easy. Below are some tips that can come to your aid in choosing the right pair for your home.

1. Do you Like Brighttoddler pillow cases, Lit-Up Spaces?

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Well, depending upon the space, you should consider, if you would like light to filter inside a space.

• When it comes to choosing curtains for a common area like a living room, opt light colour or sheer curtains. It allows the flow of light. You don’t need much privacy in this space of your home. Rather, it’s nice to have sunlight flowing into some part of the house and have a lit space.

• For the bedroom, privacy is the key and you will have to opt for heavy fabric curtains. You can draw open the curtains during some part of the day for sunlight to filter inside. But, opting for translucent curtains will not be the right option when it comes to the bedroom.

TIP: Opt for sheer and light fabric curtains for spaces where you want sunlight. But, you will have to change the curtains as such curtains tend to fade faster.

2. The Length makes a lot of Difference?

Mounting and measuring the curtains can enhance the dé;cor of your room. It can give a chic, modern and rustic feel to space and make it look bigger.

• If you want that old world charm in your room, then ensure the curtains are longer than the actual frame. They should puddle on the floor. While, for a contemporary finish, measure from the curtain rod to the floor. You can leave a margin for the rings.

• Curtains can also make your room appear bigger if you put the curtain rod higher than the window frame. So, measure a little high from the frame to the floor.

TIP: Hanging curtains closer to the ceiling can be ideal if you want to give a height effect to your room.

3. Material is the Key?

Choosing the fabric is one of the key elements. It helps you to give the right vibe and feel to space.

• Like that airy, casual feel in your family room? Well, choose light curtain fabric in natural hues and experience a sunny vibe.

• For a formal touch, getting curtains in the heavy fabric will be ideal. And to dramatize space go for blackout curtains in dark colours.

TIP: Before buying a curtain, get a swatch and hold it up against the window. It will help you to have a real-time feel and analyze if it’s doing justice function and looks wise.

4. Style Enhances the Dé;cor?

Curtains have the potential to enhance and accentuate the interior dé;cor of your space. So, pick a style that complements the home dé;cor.

• Choose a colour from the existing dé;cor palette or something that will blend well with it. Likewise, opt for solid or patterned look window curtain, depending upon the room feel. If the room already looks warm and full, then keep the curtains simple and solid.

• For a natural and minimal look, opt for a curtain with more function and less design in a subtle hue.

• A chic, country look is achievable with floral prints and bold colours.

Follow these tips when you plan to change or buy new curtains for your home. Every room has a different requirement and will need a different treatment. So, use the above tips to choose the best curtains for living room. Looking for curtains online in different colours, prints, and patterns? Then, Deco Window’s newest range has a lot in store for you. There is much in sheer and blackout variety from which you can pick and choose. Check the range here and design your windows.

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