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Fresh flowers on Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion, are always a delightful surprise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, everyone appreciates the beauty, fragrance and color of fresh cut flowers. In February, when most folks are dealing with cold weather, a bouquet of fresh flowers is akin to the first sign of spring.

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When you’re searching for a lovely arrangement for someone special, did you know there’s a special meaning behind the most romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day? They are varied and interesting. Armed with the bouquet backstory, you can wow your Valentine sweetheart with your thoughtfulness in selecting something perfect for them. Red roses are indicative of passionate love, while lilacs symbolize first love. You might choose yellow mums if you’re secretly admiring someone special. Yellow tulips indicate you’re hopelessly in love. Gosh, isn’t all of that so romantic?

Because some people prefer live plants rather than cut flowers, I’ve included some fun options for perennial favorites and the best ways to grow them. And remember, if your Valentine is allergic to flowers, don’t despair. Almost all the varieties of romantic flowers have silk flower counterparts that are so realistic, you can still deliver all of the beauty and sentiment, with none of the pollen.

If you’re planning to present your beautiful bouquet along with that awesome diamond bracelettoddler pillow cases, or cool jewelry gift you’ve already purchased, it’s important to take note of delivery schedules, which are sometimes limited on weekends. Plan ahead to make sure your bouquet arrives in time. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Most Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Day. Mix them, match them, and by all means, share their romantic meanings, punctuated by a Valentine kiss.

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You might not know it, but tulips are an incredibly romantic flower. Yellow tulips proclaim you are hopelessly in love. Pink tulips signify caring, while red tulips are meant to express true love. This beautiful bouquet of multi-colored tulips is ready to express all your loving feelings for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Fresh from the field, these gorgeous tulips are always just right. They are shipped in bud form for optimal vase life. If you’re looking for a larger, perhaps more impressive tulip display, you could order a bouquet with 60 beautiful buds. A white tulip bouquet means forgiveness, which hopefully you won’t need this Valentine’s Day. If you want your love to bloom year after year, order and plant her some tulip bulbs each fall for a bounty of spring blooms. Here’s how to plant them:

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Beautiful, bright and unfailingly happy, sunflowers are a cheerful and uplifting Valentine bouquet for someone you love. While these rustic beauties might not seem overly romantic, you may be surprised to learn that sunflowers equate to pure adoration, which makes them a perfect Valentine flower. This luminous bouquet is comprised of 15 sunflowers, hand-tied and wrapped in eco-friendly paper. While sunflowers are strong and long lasting, they’re also easy to care for, so she’ll be enjoying their beauty for weeks after the holiday. You could really surprise your love by ordering a huge bouquet of sunflowers and splitting and arranging them into beautiful vases all through the house. Just in case your sweetheart is allergic to fresh flowers, your could always order her a beautiful artificial sunflower bouquet. Sunflowers are fun for the whole family when they’re planted outdoors. They’ll attract a myriad of birds to your yard once they’ve ripened and the seeds are ready. Learn more about planting sunflowers here:

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It’s no surprise that a bouquet of roses is a romantic Valentine’s Day favorite. But did you know that roses of different colors can represent very different sentiments? If you choose to deliver this magnificent bouquet of 50 long stemmed red roses, you’re expressing passionate love for your sweetheart, according to the flower experts. If you were to send a bouquet of white roses, they’d signify her purity. But if you were just wanting to send Valentine flowers to a friend, you’d best send a bouquet of yellow roses, because those are the expression of friendship. Since we know you’re sending red roses, why not make the Valentine’s Day gift extra sweet with a delicious box of chocolate covered strawberries?

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This beautiful bouquet of long lasting purple orchids is a totally romantic flower choice for Valentine’s Day. Orchids are the expression of delicate beauty, and since we know there’s no one more beautiful to you than the person you love most, these are a perfect gift idea. Orchids are also exotic, and their beauty is slow to fade, so your Valentine will enjoy them for many weeks. If you’d like a more fiery bouquet of orchids, the Phoenix Rising bouquet is filled with a blaze of red, yellow and orange orchids. A pure red orchid bouquet is another stunning choice. A live orchid plant will bloom year after year, giving your delicate beauty a show of color that they can anticipate annually. Because orchids have gone from expensive to affordable, they are a popular choice to decorate your home, and caring for them is super simple. Here’s how:

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Lovely lilies are a wonderful and fragrant option at Valentine’s Day. These romantic lilies are an acknowledgement of your sweetheart’s high ambitions. They make a statement that you put her on a pedestal for good reason…she’s earned it. These Stargazer lilies will arrive as alluring buds, but will burst into a profusion of color and sweet scent. A white lily bouquet is especially elegant, no matter your decor. If you’re looking for more color with a milder scent profile, Asiatic lilies are a wonderful choice. Gorgeous Calla lilies are the embodiment of a regal persona.

Price: $32.81

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Some of the sweetest smelling romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day have to be carnations. Remember making them out of tissue paper as a kid? Their layers and layers of ruffled petals are unique to them alone, and they are often given to express gratitude, remembrance and cheerfulness. They are also thought to mean pure love and good luck. All of those are great reasons to give your love a beautiful bouquet, are they not? I love carnations for their staying power. Every few weeks, you’ll find a fresh bouquet on my dining table and I’ve had some luck keeping them looking and smelling good for up to four weeks with regular changing of water and snipping their bottoms off to keep them drinking up the H2O. A bouquet of 100 carnations would make an exceptional centerpiece for any room, and even larger assortments of stems in nine different colors are available too. In the garden, carnations can be planted from seeds or starts. Because they are perennials, they’ll grace your yard with colorful flowers and be wonderful cut flowers during their blooming season. To learn how to grow carnations from seeds, watch this video:

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Who wouldn’t be happy if they received this adorable bouquet of daisies and roses in a smiley face mug? I’d be grinning from ear to ear. In a world in which we could all use a little more happiness every day, this romantic flower collection represents both friendship and innocence. It’s kind of the perfect bouquet for someone newly in love. Daisies are an expression of that innocence, and they also mark the beginning of spring, when all things burst back to life after winter’s cold and quiet. New beginnings, with a positive and romantic twist, are the foundation of a great Valentine’s Day. Gerbera daisies are another colorful option if that plucky little happy bouquet is just a bit too playful for your tastes. A brilliant bouquet of yellow daisies feels much like you’ve delivered your love a sunny day. Rainbow daisies are always a day brightener.

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Symbolizing both devotion and friendship, the gently scented alstroemeria delivers a wonderful expression of your love on Valentine’s Day. These romantic flowers actually come from the lily family and are sometimes known as Peruvian lilies. They make for a beautiful bouquet on their own, but they’re especially lovely when mixed with other flowers like these pink roses, which symbolize admiration for your love. Purple alstroemeria and red roses are and especially dramatic presentation that adds in that expression of passionate love. Or deliver her a bouquet reminiscent of the morning sunrise with brilliant yellow alstroemeria and orange roses.

Price: $36.55

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Chrysanthemums, colloquially called mums by most of us, are flowers that dates back to the 15th Century, BC. These ancient flowers have been a symbol for optimism and joy. In some cultures, they also represent perfection, which is what makes them a perfect choice for your Valentine, does it not? Once you explain that you’ve purchased this special bouquet because it represents the perfection of your sweetheart, it will become a sentimental and romantic flower choice for so many special occasions. It is said that yellow mums are a special gift from a secret admirer, but red mums are symbolic of sharing, a perfect metaphor for any love relationship. Chrysanthemums are a great perennial flower to grow in your garden. Their autumn blooms begin to peak just as many of summer’s flowers are starting to fade. Learn more about how to grow beautiful mums in your yard here:

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It seems awfully apropos to consider giving February’s birth flower for Valentine’s Day, but there are more reasons why these beauties are also romantic flowers for your love. In ancient Greek mythology, the goddess Iris represented the rainbow, or the connection between heaven and earth. These mythic flowers have become the stuff of legends. And the famous French fleur de lis? Yes, it’s an iris. When you bundle up these beautiful flowers in a bouquet, their brilliant color is simply breathtaking, and that was your plan on Valentine’s day, wasn’t it? To take your sweetie’s breath away? Mix iris with pink roses for a splendid pop of color and scent, or pair them with yellow lilies for a bouquet that looks like blue sky and sunshine. Their deep blue color is also a perfect complement to huge fragrant Stargazer lilies.

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