toddler pillow cases

toddler pillow cases Wax Lyrical vintage cushion covers

I feel a very personal responsibility for plastic?waste as my father was instrumental in setting up the first polythene factory in the southern hemisphere, so when I read about waxed fabric food wrapping I thought: why not linen? I have plenty of scraps!

Dear Google. A search revealed products, DIY?recipes, suggestionstoddler pillow cases, so I ordered some?Amish beeswax and waited. It arrived deliciously aromatic.

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Some instructions add jojoba oil to make it more flexible but I didn't try that this time, just a baking sheet (with parchment paper), a swatch of our Smooth linen sheeting scraps torn to size, sprinkled generously with grated beeswax and melted carefully in a low oven - I ?didn't want it to ignite! Five minutes did the trick.

I used an old (but very clean!) paintbrush to smooth out any gaps and returned it to the oven for one minute, then let the sheets cool. I was surprised how much beeswax each one used!

First use was to wrap up a delicious stinky cheese. When it was finished, any mess rinsed off beautifully with a clean sponge and cool water.

Next a leftover half of a deli sandwich was given the treatment.

Each time the heat of my hands was enough to mould the linen to the food. I love this! When each sheet reaches the end of its useful life, I plan to roll it tightly and use it as a candle, or as a firelighter if the flames go a little too high for comfort!

Ask if you'd like a box of linen scraps to try your own - we'll send them to you for the cost of postage only. Email us at and we'll get a box out to you for the cost of shipping only. And please share your questions and experiences in the comment section below.

Happy recycling!

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